what is the difference between meditation and to pray?

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can you explain the difference? if there is one? what is the difference between buddhist meditation, hindu meditation and christian meditation?

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med. you don’t talk


Meditation is trying to find inner peace within yourself.
Praying is trying to reach a deity from beyond.

Complex System

Meditaition- Your not speaking to your imaginary friend.


There are many ways to meditate, but at its heart it is not a petition to the Universe.


Meditation, from my understanding, is the act to become one with yourself. To let all stress out and to cleanse your spirit. Praying is to talk with god, ask for help, to thank, ask forgiveness, etc. Praying is a way to communicate with god 1 way.


Meditation is to look inside one’s self. Prayer is communication with the Divine.


Meditation is essentially just relaxation.
Prayer is where a person tries talking to invisible wizards.


Prayer: ‘I want a car,’ ‘I want to not have cancer’, ‘I want my enemies to be destroyed’ etc.
Meditation: -pretty glowing ball of light and the dissolution of ones self-

Cathi Marie

Praying is speaking directly to God.
Meditation is focusing on our inner self to bring calmness and peace.


It is pretty common for people to divert into different matters and such, and to become someone that they are not. The real you is always buried inside of you, for some it is deeper, and for some it is not. Meditation is finding that you, and to explore it, and make peace with yourself. This is basically same for all religions. Praying is different in religions. Pray in basically offering your loyalty and respect to a god/gods/spirit, and having a wish granted in turn.


It’s the same thing, just a different style

Lefty ATeam Shaman

Doctors and scientists are testing and investigating, but it is still not known exactly what the difference is. Although, some sections of the brain are used more in certain activities.

Airgetlam nodurchi

They’re both the same i think. Some religions call it meditation, christians say prayer.

Zog Blaster

Different groups have different terminology and different practice, so it isn’t that straight forward. Evangelical Christians view all prayer as worship, and so tend to engage in contemplative prayer or a form of Christian meditation and just consider it ‘prayer’. Catholics tend to view ‘prayer’ as usually meaning ‘asking’ or generally ‘talking’, so something they call ‘praying’ will usually be saying words. This is then separate from ‘contemplative prayer’, which involves more quiet listening and can cross over with traditional Catholic (Christian) meditation, which uses the imagination rather than words to dwell on something, like a phrase from scripture or the desire to be closer to God, or just God Himself. Then there is the Rosary, which is a form of meditation.
I’m sure other Christian groups have their own traditions and terminology!
Buddhist and Hindu meditation, while you should wait for someone familiar with them to fully answer, generally involve blanking your thoughts and letting your mind empty, until you experience only the now. There are a lot of different types and schools, so this is a gross simplification. It is quite different to the tradition of Christian meditation, at least as I met it in Catholicism, which involves filling your mind with something.


meditation simply means to still the mental activity. religous meditation usually is a combination of stilling the mental activity while focusing on the worship of one of the symbols or figures of the religion. For more information about meditation signup to my free meditation tips newsletter by visiting the site below


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