Sunday, September 26, 2021

What is the difference between meditation and concentration?


  1. Levels of focus. You need concentration to meditate but meditation is vibration on a higher mental level. You have more focus because there is nothing but the focus to concentrate on, and your mind is calm. Normal concentration is exhibited everywhere at all times. If you have no concentration you’re said to have ADHD. You’re always concentrating on some level. Normal everyday concentration are Beta State brainwaves. Meditation is Alpha level at the beginning, Theta level after you’ve practiced a while, and Delta at very advanced levels.

  2. concentration is something we do within our conscious state of mind , focussing on something in hand , more materialistic .its a more outward oriented actvity
    meditation is something to do with our conscious , subconscious mind , more to do with our inner self more inward oriented actvity , where we try to cut of from material world and focus on innerself , and try to build a coonection between our deep thought and universe.
    we become a part of the universe .

  3. Meditation is a simple bringing of one’s attention to a certain spot by transcending distraction inside and out. Concentration involves energy and effort. Concentration brings the mind’s focus to a point. Meditation is a greater awareness beyond a focal point in space and time. Think of meditation as a diffuse lens, and concentration as a magnifying glass, and the light that passes through is realization in the former, analyzation in the latter.

  4. meditation is what people do in church to cover sleeping in service
    and concentraion is when you stick your tongue to one side to focus on what your doing

  5. Meditation is recalling back of past events of one’s life, however they are necessary to present life relaying it to the present and complete deliberation for future goals and purposes.
    Concentration is focusing on what is important ad interim, ensuring that all matters needed to be done are carried out or thought about carefully.


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