• Hello Snuggle

    kineseology is something to do with movement?

    Reiki works via the subtle energy system as does all healing, symbols are placed into the energy system by the healer which enter certain chakras.

    I myself, heal via the Chakras, I balance, cleanse & give energy to them.


  • They are all stand-alone arts.Yes.But the fact is,they all use Qi ( Chi ) as source of healing.

    In reiki,you force an energy through your palms to victim ( injured people )

    Chakra Healing is different for every culture so I cant say anything for you.However,there are chakra points that can be closed/opened,what I believe is,helping people to open their chakras.

    Kineseology ? Sorry.

    But there are some Martial Arts that can be used for healing.

    Dim-mak.Altough its Death Touch,some pressure points really heal.What you do in Dim-mak Healing is,you put in order flow of their Qi ( Chi ).

  • I don’t know anything about the Kineseology but I believe Chakra healing is a stand alone practice whereas Rieki uses chakra healing along with other types.

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