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What is the difference between kata and Tai Chi?


  1. I wouldn’t think there was much difference as they both have bukai applications, Tai Chi has the better press when it comes to health promotion. Good question look forward to reading your answers

  2. Tai Chi is actually a Budo (japanese for Martial art Form).. Kata are exersizes IN the varied Budos (Japanese Martial arts specifically…such as aikido, iaido, jodo, judo, jujitsu, kendo, karate etc)

  3. Kata are Japanese, Tai Chi is originally from China.
    Tai Chi is a series of movements that are used to raise chi, or as a martial art – there are harder and softer forms.
    Kata are any series of formalised movements or patterns that might be theatrical or martial.
    Katakana are phonetic patterns, don’t you think ?

  4. Kata means form in japanese which is a series of techniques used to simulate an actual street fight.
    Tai Chi is a type of martial art from china that is used to raise chi level or inner strength.

  5. kata is a set or form in most traditional japanese martial arts. tai chi is a chinese martial art which has its own forms (not usually called kata)

  6. kata is an important part of learning,most lower ranks find this hard to believe or just dont understand(which is expected)its not until you reach shodan that you start to get an idea what you are really learning from it.ive never heard it reffered to as a simulated street fight? martial arts is a never ending journey of learning no matter what your rank or title is.
    tai chi is the remnants of a once powerful martial art with its origins in india.said to be the origin of martial arts?also said to be the most powerful martial art.it’s not taught that way anymore.there may be someone out there that teaches it that way?i dont necsacarily agree with this im just tellin you my understanging of it.

  7. Tai chi is more of an “internal” or mental and spiritual Martial Art, but it’s mostly studied because of it’s breathing techniques and it’s muscle toning and strengthening attributes. and it’s also a very non aggressive discipline so it’s easier on the joints of elderly people (which make up a large portion of people that study it.
    Kata are the “forms” that are set down in the various disciplines of Karate. they are a set of choreograpehd movements that help the student to learn how to perform their techniques better, and better their focus on the techniques.


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