what is the difference between judaism and kabbalah?

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I know Kabbalah is part of Judaism but is there any difference with the rest of branches of Judaism? is Kabbalah considered a Branch of Judaism? and what does kabbalah teach? why can’t jewish and non jewish access to kabbalah easily?

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Cabala is a Jewish mystical discipline,it for Jews with special training in the Torah.What Ashton Kutcher and Madonna do is not true Jewish Cabala.The holy book of the Cabala is the Zohar


Kabbalah is not a sect of Judaism. It is a theological system based on Neoplatonism, popularized among Jewish theologians in the Middle Ages, and now maintained predominantly among the Hasadic (Orthodox) Jewish communities. And unfortunately, it was unofficially adopted in a much altered form by the New Age movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. When you look up the subject in the bookstore or on the internet, you are far more likely to find something derived from the New Agers. But Gershom Shalom has an excellent series of books on the authentic Jewish Kabbalah.

Hatikvah JPA

1. Kabbalah is not a *branch* of Judaism.
2. Kabbalah is an advanced form of Judaism.
3. Those who don’t have a thorough understanding of Judaism cannot understand Kabbalah.
4. Kabbalah is easily accessed through many synagogues. Phone your local shuls and ask if they have a Kabbalah class.


Kabbalah in Hebrew means “Reception” or “To receive properly”. Authentic Kabbalah is a scientific method of how to receive pleasure in an infinite, balanced way. One of the main concepts of Kabbalah is that our nature of Egoism limits our ability to experience pleasure and perceive reality. Kabbalah teaches us how to change our Egoism into Altruism, thus revealing the purpose of life and the whole of reality. The books we study from, (including the Torah and the Bible), are not read as literal physical translations (Religion) , but rather, as emotional instructions that lead us towards infinity. Kabbalah is intended for everyone, regardless of age, sex, intellect, or any other difference. The only requirement is that you have a desire to study. I recommend these links:


Kabbalah is the mystical teachings of Judaism. Kabbala has to three categories 1) Theoretical 2) Mystical (Energies which humans can’t connect to) 3) Magical (how to manipulate nature). The more I learn Kabbala the more I understand about my own spiritual side. Some people call Kabbala a science more then mystical teachings. I think it includes both.
There are many Kabbalah books for sale at any Jewish book store, even Amazon.com sells some. Most of my Kabbalistic knowledge comes from Chassidic thought. Chassidic teachings includes Kabbala and focuses on the Theoretical and Mystical parts. Chabad.org provides an online library were you could print a lot of Chassidic teachings. see this link http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/109854/jewish/Chassidic-Texts.htm
Please message me if you would like specific recommendations.
I have a blog where I try to explain a lot of the Kabbalistic theories to practical people http://www.thetrue-religion.blogspot.com


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