What is the difference between instinct and conscience and intelligence?





(not consciousness, CONSCIENCE !)
“There are …things on earth that are small but instinctively wise” (Proverbs 30:24)
“…these men, like unreasoning animals…” (2 Peter 2:12


  1. Instinct is something that is programmed , a biological mechanism of reacting.Conscience is something is like a eye witness, it witness everything you do.
    Its like a lamp, the light of lamp can be used for studying or can be used for murdering a person,in any case,it has nothing to do with your actions, its just a witness
    Intelligence is the ability to use your mind effectively to produce better results

  2. Instinct is something your unconscious mind controls, your primal and survival side. Conscious is the upper part if your brain taking in information when you’re aware. Intelligence is how you apply both in everyday life

  3. These are my definitions — they may or may not agree with the dictionary definition (which I’m too lazy to look up).
    Instinct — something that is instinctive is “hard wired” into our psyche. We make no decisions on the matter at hand, but just act without thinking. I’m not sure that I want to include “horse sense” in this area, or make it separate, but if common sense is applied to any of these three, it is to instinct that I apply it.
    Conscience — something that “prompts” us to make a decision about a matter (for good, bad, or whatever). The decision may be based upon knowledge or it may be based upon misinformation. Sometimes, the conscience is ignored (most of the time, in my opinion) and bad decisions are made. Some people grow to ignore their conscience, in which case, other facts drive their decisions, most of which are centered in the self and include greed, pride, and ego.
    Intelligence is an ability to learn, including hard science, factual information, principles and theories, and the abstract, which includes religious and philosophical concepts and ideas. Intelligence does not imply knowledge and vice versa. Intelligence does not imply that a person has common sense (the ability to apply knowledge in a wise or beneficial manner (to themselves and others).
    Wisdom appears to be a combination of all three, but relies more heavily upon common sense than anything else.

  4. instinct- something that you know is best to do
    conscience- the little voice inside you that helps you decide right from wrong
    intelligence- the smartness and ability to grasp new concepts

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