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What is the difference between Hinduism, shinto, buddhism, taoism, and most eastern philosophy and beliefs.?

I have been researching and studying many faiths and most religions are having the same pattern… karma, reincarnation and loves all aspects of life, and nature worship which is Wiccan and paganism in my eyes.
So why are all these religions connected to Wiccan/pagan?
What is the diffrence between these relgions hindu, shinto, buddhism, taoism, confucius, shikism, and janism?


  1. I cannot think of any defining difference. But I can say I’ve studied some of them and know a bit about the others. There is a difference, I can tell you that much.

  2. Not much difference, and Scientology is also a derivative of all of this. You achieve different “levels” of “enlightenment” while worshipping a few demons now and then. The devil does provide a somewhat diverse array of things for you to indulge in.

  3. Ritual is different.
    Number of gods or relevance to belief in god(s) are different.
    Religious garb is different.
    Priesthood is different – some don’t have any.
    Dogma on “soul” differs. Buddhists don’t believe in souls for example.
    Dogma on “what is an ethical life.” Differs. Hindu’s are “ok” with war, jains are against it 100%
    Symbolism is different.
    Patriarchs are different.
    Way in which divine knowledge reveals itself differs.
    Creation stories differ.
    Art differs.
    Religious holy books differ.
    What ISN’T different about these? You must be begging to find similarities! You are just lumpidy lump-lumping thousands of years of cultural and religious divergances across half of the northern hemisphere! “All the same.”? HAH! What a crock!

  4. Buddhism: No god, try to attain enlightenment through being good and enlightenment.
    Taoism: A branch of Buddhism from China, includes some wise sayings.
    Hindu: Many gods, pick which one suits you, fast on that gods day (or fast a certain food) and receive rewards.
    Janism: Not sure where it comes from but know it is very strict in reagrd to behaviour. They sweep the floor in front of them as they walk so they don’t accidently tread on some insect or other.
    Confucius: Confucius say … Many wise sayings, don’t know much more than this.
    Wiccan/Paganism: Worship the Earth.
    Karma: You must make your good out weigh your bad, what goes around comes around.
    Reincarnation: You live, you die, you are reborn, usually balanced out with Karma, if you live bad you are reincarnated down the chain…
    Shinto: I think it’s a martial art thing???
    All of the above: Created by the devil to mislead and keep your focused on your own efforts and works rahter than turning to God and trusting in the His Works and those of Jesus.

  5. Nature worship is 10X older than Wicca. Depending on how you define the general term Paganism, the same is true.
    Sikhism I dont believe incorporates Karma into their teachings.

  6. While all other religions have founders , Hinduism has no founder. Whatever is found in other religions can be found in Hinduism because it encompasses everything.
    The biggest problem with westerners is that they cannot classify Hinduism because Hinduism does not fit into any classification. Hinduism is not paganism as westerners look at it. Paganism can be ascribed to underdeveloped tribals. But as far as Hinduism is concerned , it is far more evolved. It reaches the highest rungs of perfection as far as a religion is concerned in the spiritual streams of knowledge like Yoga and Vedanta.


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