What is the difference between "happy" and "joy"?

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I feel that spiritual joy comes from the soul, while happiness is short-term and is mostly associated with the corporal, ego self.
How would you describe these two words in a spiritual and metaphysical way?

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Q&A Queen

Happiness is a transitory emotion that comes and goes with our circumstances in life at any given moment. Joy cannot be taken away from us and is a constant presence with us no matter how difficult our lifes.


Happy, is when you smile. Joy is when you are happy. I guess!


Right, joy is interior while happiness is more of the external or sensual. The former comes from God while the latter comes from a stimulus in this world.


You are correct. Our idea of pleasure is rooted in our Ego, or our desire to enjoy ourselves. This is what we call “happiness” or “Joy”. However, we have conception of happiness outside of our Ego, as it molds the reality set before us. We have to internally change our quality of Egoism into Altruism (Unconditional Love of Others) in order to feel lasting pleasure. Check these links out:


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