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What is the difference between getting a spiritual cleansing and an chakra cleansing?

As i have heard that they both deal with energy. I was told by a psychic that i am surrounded by waves of negative energy so is it best to do a spiritual cleanse or the chakra cleanse or are they basically the same.


  1. Waves of what? Chakra energies are internal. If you are surrounded by negativity there is an outside force causing it, not your chakras. Fire that psychic… she’s full of it.

  2. Every human has seven spirits.Some call these spiritual entities and some call them chakras.
    5 are placed in the breast starting from left which is the heart and on the right is the soul and there are 3 in between.
    There is one at navel point the ego and one in the forehead the soul of intellect.
    6 spirits are sleeping and one is active the ego.The ego is negative energy.If the other souls are in sleeping mode the ego dominates the other souls.and provides negative energy to them.Spirtiual cleansing is cleansing these souls of the negative energy and bring the positive energy.
    And there is a method of bringing the divine energy in the heart and soul for eternity.
    The source of positive energy is Gods name.Gods name produces divine lights.When Gods name is implanted in your heart it synchronises in heartbeats and produces divine energy.when the heart is completely enlightened the positive energy mingles in bloodstream and travels in every vein and enters all the other spirits awakening them.
    When all spiirts are awakened and strengthened
    they dominate the ego and the diet of the ego changes from negative energy to positive energy. The ego gets enlightened and you are purified.

  3. The psychic is babbling at you, being an energy vampire, and probably trying to bilk you out of more money. Chakras doctrine is complicated and comes from Tantric forms of Hinduism and Buddhism. Chakras are levels of consciousness and also have been described as psychodynamic energy centers in the body. They correspond with major nerve plexuses and glands in the body and the whole thing as well as pranic and so-called Kundalini activity probably takes place in a neurochemical loop in the brain. You can’t “clean” or “clear” or “spin” your chakras. You can perform certain specific yogic meditations and exercises to modify the content of consciousness that is metaphorically and esoterically represented by one or another chakra. This results in a purging of neuroses and subconscious content and subsequent transformation of consciousness to a clearer, more volitional, effective and perceptive state of being.


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