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What is the difference between Ego and self esteem in the Spiritual sense?

Years ago I was taught that EGO is Easing God Out and that self esteem was being comfortable living in “ones on skin” I was told that I had a large ego, with a low self esteem. It took me years to see the difference. I was also taught that the wise discuss ideas, the fool justifies ideas. What do you think?
Peace and Love


  1. i think you put it so wonderfully
    i have battled for a long time also with what is and isn’t ego
    i am told to be confident and love who i am , and could not figure how to do this without bringing ego into it
    in the work i do its of the utmost importance not to bring ego into things
    but i have learned i can love myself for my spirit , my personality and for what i can give to others and receive for myself from them
    i have learned also that i can be confident in what i do as lack of confidence cannot bring teachings to others if i don’t believe in who i am and what i do
    the wise discuss ideas .. i really like that .. i cannot be in a conversation with people who wont listen to others without judging , who will not learn something from each other .. as we are all students in life and everyone is our teacher

  2. I think whoever taught you that last bit was a very wise soul! We should always discuss. To attempt to justify, is what I call a merry go round that even the best of us get stuck on, even to the detriment of our the purpose for our beliefs.
    The Ego, is necessary but it also has to be tamed… Self esteem is generally defined as a feeling we have about our ego. They are linked and intertwined to such a depth that it often is hard to seperate the two so most people have just succumb to incorporating them. The Ego is the seat and root of desire and desire is necessary, but it is also necessary to tame and temper it. I believe it is what drives us as human beings but also destroys us if we let it.
    To be self aware is basically what the ego does. To esteem something is to respect it, to favor it, to give it honor and reverence which is what the ego wants… It is only the ego that requires that kind of adoration.
    God is more like a KNOWING. A quiet understanding less all of those dire extreme kinds of definitions.
    “The still small voice.” Not the loud demanding sit up and take notice of me, me, me.
    God’s name is “I am.” and there is no need for ego in that.
    Leggo my ego and call me made in the image of God.
    So I agree with you on the one hand but feel this required elaboration and a deeper understanding


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