What is the difference between Consciousness and Intelligence?

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What is the difference between Consciousness and Intelligence, and what would happen if you only had one but not the other?

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Samantha M

consciousness consists of the things you are aware of.
intelligence can only be tested if you have a rage of people and then compare your results to there’s. even then you might not be testing “intelligence” you might be testing a type of intelligence.
but if you did not have intelligence you would be classed as “dumb” and if you did not have a conscious you would not be awake you would be daydreaming, or sleeping or unconscious.

Dr. Bob

“Consciousness” is awareness. We are “homo sapiens sapiens,” or “the man who is aware of himself being aware.” Here we are not talking about Freudian or other concepts of levels of consciousness (conscious, pre-conscious, unconscious) but of awareness (of ourselves, of others, of our surroundings, of our thoughts, etc.).
“Intelligence,” on the other hand, has to do with the efficiency and effectiveness of the mind/brain-combination to process information, to give meaning to events, etc.
The question of having one but not the other is meaningless and does not deserve consideration, much less an answer.

Monika S

consciousness is not by books, it does not work according to a certain thinking scheme, it is a far more wider way, the enweaving in creature, in being totally by knowing totally
You can be intelligent as Einstein, but what does that help if you murder your neighbour or don’t understand the love a person is giving to you


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