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What is the difference between clairaudience and schizophrenia?

If they are unrelated, what is the source of the voices heard in the latter?

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  1. schizophrenia is a mental illness
    clairaudience is a psychic ability
    schizophrenia means ‘split personality’ not sure where the voices come from lol

    • no not quite…split mind is the derivative from Greek language but is actually not the same as split personality,
      “Despite the etymology of the term from the Greek roots skhizein (σχίζειν, “to split”) and phrÄ“n, phren- (φρήν, φρεν-; “mind”), schizophrenia does not imply a “split mind” and it is not the same as dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder or split personality), a condition with which it is often confused in public perception.[6]

  2. The first is being connected to a far away place and witnessing what is happening. The second is living within your own private reality. All molecules where once connected. The Big Bang happened and now they are all spread out. But molecules that share a connection can still transmit information to each other, instantly, across massive distances. That’s modern quantum mechanics. That basically says people can witness things far away. People can also be crazy, where their own mind makes things up.

  3. Clairaudience is a Psychic Ability. It can be developed and tested.
    Schizophrenia is a mental disorder. It can be cured these days with proper medication.
    They are completely unrelated. There is no satifactory scientific answer for the ‘source’ you seek. The answers are found in the realm of the Occult and/or Paranormal Research.

  4. schizophrenia doesn’t mean split personality it means split mind. Schizophrenia has far many more dimensions than just hearing voices. Hallucinations can happen for many reasons it may just be an excess of dopamine without a full schizophrenic diagnosis if you take too much amphetamine you can get psychotic episodes which often involve hallucinations due to the dopamine increase. Schizophrenic sufferers also suffer many symptoms linked with depression. Furthermore Schizophrenic sufferers voices are a control over them often very degrading and negative.

  5. The difference is usually that clairaudience when harmless passes on helpful information – voices intention is to help not hinder. Clairaudience is usually heard by a senstive who is able to tune in or tune out to hear voices.
    Schizophrenia is a personality disorder and voices heard may cause harm to individual or others, or can suggest to the individual some other dillusional state. Mostly sufferers cannot switch the voices off.
    In some cases it could be argued that there is a similar pattern between the two, especially when the voices a clairaudient is hearing is saying distateful or harmful words.

  6. Well there is a difference being schizophrenic is a terrible affliction, and the voices cannot be controlled, they come whenever they come. They tell the sufferer negative things and ruin lives. The other, which I believe is hearing voices from the spirit world can be switched on and off. The clairaudiant can control, and make money from, never gets sectioned, never feels their life is ending and is probably just as crazy!

  7. Schizophrenia CAN NOT be cured..It can be controlled but the delusions or haullicinations, positive and negative, will always be there..Just not as obvious..I just went to a 2 hour meeting about this a few hours ago..Schizophrenia is a mental disorder which 1% of the population suffer from..Men or boys ususally develop between the ages of 15 and 20..Women usually develop late teens to late mid twenties..The brain isn’t “wired” the right way or it breaks down..Schizophrenia can be somewhat controlled with meds and therapy..Our speaker also told us that people suffering from Schizophrenia most times like to drown out voices with music or TV..They are usually non violent and most times are paranoid..The delusions usually involve an attack, people are plotting against them, or they are being tracked..It’s really an interesting illness..I work in a homeless shelter and have come across a few people with Schizophrenia..Interesting but I can’t imagine the hell they live in..

  8. There is a very fine line between these….and as I understand it is this:
    Clairaudience is to receive messages from spirit, however these are messages of hope and comfort. Messages can also be for the person/s benefit and guidance. In a nutshell they are positive messages from Spirit. A clairaudient has the gift for life.
    Schizophrenics hear voices that are usually nasty or of a derogatory nature, they can be telling the person to harm themselves or others. In paranoid schizophrenia they will be telling the person that others are out to get them etc… They will get worse at times of emotional stress but will respond/abate with medication. and treatment.
    To summarize: The person with schizophemia hears/suffers with or from the voices. They are negative and are manifested from the source of a mental illness, a disturbance in the chemistry of the brain.

  9. Schizophrenia does not mean “split personality”. It is a dysfunction in mental processing.
    Both schizophrenia and clairaudience begin “spontaneously” enough, in that they are gradual, not really noticeable for a time, then “all of a sudden” one day the individual realizes something has changed in their heads.
    Schizophrenia is not controllable without medications, so they say… but I believe schizophrenia has a component that hasn’t been addressed yet, that the disorder is manifesting specifically due to the fact that the individual is being told it is “bad”. That is, schizophrenia is also strongly influenced by social attitudes, where the condition can be, and largely often *is*, worsened by “judgements” from others, where if people were more open, the individual might not escalate, and be supported to find the behavioral and cognitive tools to manage it.
    Clairaudience is very controllable, and does not become a “disorder”… that is, one does not get upset when they hear things that aren’t socially considered “normal”.
    This is the catch… perhaps the two are in actuality one and the same thing, except that in one situation the individual is unable to tolerate the deviance the development of presenting “symptoms”. They become depressed, moody, out of control, more and more isolated, more and more mentally disorganized, because the society around them is judging them and telling them they “must be” crazy. It has not been shown that any of the “symptoms” of schizophrenia, except for “hearing things,” are *causes* of the disorder… that is, they *may* be results of social and cultural influences instead.
    Yet in the other situation, the individual *likes* these strange new sensations they hear, and they sit quietly, listen, and are confident in the powers of their autonomy and ability to self-regulate, and know they are able to think for themselves. They learn to hone the skill, and it never becomes an issue of “control”.

    • As a mother of a child who lives with paranoid schizophrenia and has for 16 years. What you had to say about it was the most uplifting. There is so much social stigma attached to the diagnosis. Truth. Also, I know my son well. He is 34 years old. He is bright, intelligent. and extremely sensitive to the oustide world. I would say he is gifted. He is psychic. Not all of his voices are “wrong”, if we must give them any defining term. He has a foot in more than one world. His experience is difficult. He says it is like being in a dream that you cannot wake up from, and yet you know are dreaming. You know it. I just wanted to share that. Interesting conversation here though. Blessings of love, light, and healing to all.

  10. Let me get this straight firstly. Schizophrenia is NOT split personalities. It is a terrible affliction that people suffer. They are often delusional, hallucinate, and have many negative thought and also hear voices telling them to do horrific things, such as kill people. There are different types of schizophrenia, paraniod being one of them and schizo is often reffered to as phychosis. People with this illness, which is a mental state of the mind, can often go into a world of thier own, maybe don’t recognise us, have bouts of violence, and can suffer with manic and/or deep depression. I know people with this illness, one of them being one of my best friends. She is ia fantastic person, but she is also very spiritual. She knows when it is the schizophrenia, and when it is clairaudience. The clairaudience is not negative to her, nothing nasty, and she doesn’t get told to do anything horrific. Although the hearing voices thing sounds very similar between schizophrenia and clairaudience, and if that is all schizo involved, then people with only hearing vioces should not be diagnosed as schizophrenic. If that were the case, then i would have been diagnosed a long time ago!.

    • Basically, when you say your friend has clairaudience, she is hearing voices of good spirits; and when you say she gets schizophrenia, she is connecting (hooking in to the frequency) of bad spirits.
      – Thats pretty much it.
      The ‘act’ is identical, except for the wavelength she is on which differs.
      Your friend needs to actually LEARN correct methods to “SHUT DOWN”.
      Tell her to google ‘mediumship open up and shut down techniques’. This will help her gain more control.
      Most people (in her position) dont know how to close down their energy points.. thus leaving themselves open and exposed for pretty much ANY entity to latch-on and play-around with her. (think: Gremlins messing with your mind).
      She also needs to learn simple protection measures.
      * Always closing down properly.
      * Surrounding herself and her home (each night in a protective bubble).
      * wearing an imaginary cloak and boots to help ‘sheild herself from external energies.
      but.. basically, ‘shutting down’ is her main help.
      Medications make matters worse.
      Good luck to her.

  11. The culture you live in.
    What we might view as a mental illness, in other cultures may be regarded as God or the spirits talking to you. You cannot ever say for sure that the voices you hear are in your head or have an external source. Nor can anyone else ever tell you, as they have no way of experiencing it themselves.

  12. What you’ve all said is basically complete crap apart from that schizophrenia is not curable – although schizoaffective disorder maybe temporary-transient in very few cases. After speaking with many psychics, studying many books into transpersonal states and so on; clairaudience is very DIFFICULT to distinguish between mental illness. When you take into account of psychics working on murder cases and hauntings etc they’re not working with ‘friendly’ spirits. Most people are negative and live in fear most days of their lives – this is the human experience. The voices psychics hear from the living and the dead are negative as well as positive. Some ‘sensitives’ may be tuned into the positive aspects from a sentience point of view, and another negative aspect from a clairaudient way, or perhaps a clairvoyant factor. It all depends on the individual. There’s nothing to substantiate that clairaudience is differentiated by ‘positive’ voices AT ALL!


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