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What is the difference between Buddhism and other religions in quenching satisfaction?

by oddnerdout:

How does Zen Buddhism differ in satisfying the lack of satisfaction in the world as compared to other religions (such as Christianity, Hinduism, etc)

Answer by ThreeinOne
Religion does not satisfy.

The living God, Jesus Christ, is the only thing that truly Satisfies.


  • In Buddhism, quenching satisfaction is seen as a never-ending task, and as such pretty useless. We can never satisfy all our needs, because these are continually changing: when we are hungry we want to eat, when we eat we get thirsty, then we want to stop eating and drinking, then we get tired and want to rest, next we want to become active again, next we feel too warm or cold etc. etc.

    So rather then only spending our time to follow our desires and attachments, Buddhism teaches that we can become a lot more happy by dropping such compulsory behavior. Everybody wants to be happy, but we cannot reach a state of permanent happiness by running after our every wish. This can only be reached when we become enlightened.

  • I do not lack satisfaction because I have realized that it doesn’t come from the world, but from within.

    -Theravada Buddhist

  • I follow Tibetan Buddhism but am going to give it a go anyways.

    Buddhism teaches acceptance and the middle-way. Trying to avoid extremes in all areas of your life, and feeling fulfilled by what you actually have instead of what you think you need/want, is generally contrary to today’s society.

    Also, the core of Buddhism is viewing the universe as it really is, without duality and the blinders put up by so many other religions. So, in that sense, it’s ‘satisfying’. Well, at least for me it is.

  • Buddhism is about detachment and taking responsibility for your own life. Most other Religions are just believing in a fairytale God that might or might not grant them their wishes. Plenty of them fail. Fail out their own ignorance and folly.
    Buddhism is about taking action and MAKING what you want out of your life. The detachment and actually DOING something about anything is what makes them so successful. Buddhism, especially Zen, is probably the happiest Religion of them all.

  • In Buddhism you change your mind to change the universe.
    The majority of other religions try to change the world to change themselves.

    I am atheist for we are many!

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