What is the difference between Buddha and Buddhist?





by T P:

Answer by N8ive Pride
buddha is the god a buddhist is the follower


  1. Any buddhist that has reached enlightenment is called a buddha. The first buddha and founder of Buddhism was originally named Siddhartha Gautama, and no he’s not a god to buddhists (well at least he didn’t want to be a god).

  2. Buddha was a person. Buddhism is a religion based on his teachings. A Buddhist is a person who believes in that religion.

  3. *The* Buddha was Siddhartha Gautama, a prince from Nepal who became enlightened and founded Buddhism. *A* Buddha is any person who achieves enlightenment by themselves. The next Buddha, who will come after the Buddha’s teachings have ceased to exist, will be Maitreya.
    A Buddhist is a follower of the Buddha who strives to emulate his actions and achieve enlightenment.

  4. I believe Buddha is the supreme being (Guatama Buddha) and Buddhist is just another word for the teachings & philosophy.

  5. The Buddha was a man, Buddhist’s are people who follow the Buddhist religion
    The Buddha was not and is not a god, he is a spiritual teacher who founded Buddhism, Buddhists believe that the Buddha has been reincarnated many times. Buddhists do not worship the Buddha, but rather try to achieve enlightenment from his teachings

  6. In theory, there should be no difference.
    Buddha was not a “god” nor ever claimed to be; however, it is true he is venerated and can re-incarnate—but not in that identity. That identity is gone.
    All Buddhists strive to be like Buddha, and since Buddha is NOT a god, this is attainable in this life.

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