Home Discussion Forum what is the difference between "awareness" and consciousness"?

what is the difference between "awareness" and consciousness"?

is there is a difference what are there functions?


  1. It’s a good question, but how is this about religion?
    I have no idea. I’m not familiar with psychology or philosophy. If I had to rant, I would say that to be «aware» is to realize or know something. To be «aware of the self» or «self-aware» equals «consciousness», which is to know that you exist independently of your environment, and other intentional agents. Also, to have a «theory of mind» is to know that other agents, have states of mind: beliefs, intentions, emotions, etc, and that are those states of mind the causes of their behavior.

  2. when something goes on around you that you don’t notice you aren’t aware of it but you are conscious… when you are in a coma you aren’t conscious

  3. Consciousness is sometimes regarded as intrinsically mysterious – something probably beyond human comprehension, maybe even impossible to define. On the other hand consciousness is an ordinary fact of life – babies are born without it and develop it over the first few years of life
    People often find ‘consciousness’ mysterious, but the real mystery is awareness – and many other animals are aware, so this is not a specifically human mystery
    Technically, awareness is attention plus working memory – ie. the ability to attend selectively among a range of perceived stimuli and a short term memory store into which several of these attended items can be ‘loaded’, held simultaneously, and combined. Awareness is a standard variable in psychological research, unproblematically measured in, for example, animal vision. It is studied by means such as measuring performance at memory tasks while monitoring gaze direction, delaying responses, and recording brain activity. When brain activity correlates exactly with performance of tasks then it can be assumed that that bit of brain is involved in that particular task. And the length of time which brain activity is sustained corresponds to an animals ability to ‘hold in mind’ information for immediate use. Researchers are therefore recording the operation of a temporary store

  4. I’ve experienced both, one time I took a little too much of something..and I knew I was was awake, but I was kinda paralyzed but not consciously paralyzed..I was aware I was paralyzed but not aware of anything else..I was dreaming awake, but dreaming I was paralyzed, cuz I was
    I have used the word paralyzed 5 times in this answer.

  5. The soul is made up of the CONSCIOUS MIND and the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. The ratio of Conscious Mind to Subconscious mind is about 1:10. The evil pseudo-psychiatrist, whose function in society is to keep minds under control for the sake of the ruling elite, tries to confuse the layman by DELIBERATELY DECEIVING THEM that the BRAIN is the MIND. Since it can be shown electro-chemically and electromagnetically that ALL the brain is used, THEY SAY, “You see? There IS no hidden part of the mind! ALL of the brain is active, and NONE of it pertains to “Hidden and Latent Psychic Powers…!”
    The MIND is SPIRIT, which, in a SINNER, sinks toward being MEST (matter, energy, space, and time- i.e. physicality) due to the drainage of Life Energy. Which is due to the mind’s ABUSE, MISUSE, and NON-USE. Spirit Entities can be perceived to have different intensities of Power. Some look like blinding lights. Other look like dim embers.
    Spirit Entities besides Mankind exhibit uniformity in their energy levels in their various species. This happens because they are all aware of THEIR spirit nature. With Man, some are, some aren’t, and few are serious about whichever side of their argument they side with. A very few Humans have managed to regain part of their spiritual potential, so that their bodies DEMATERIALIZE into SPIRIT, and they are enabled to LEAVE THE EARTH without DYING.
    The total FOOLS think they will become SPIRIT by DESTROYING their physical bodies- committing suicide, or dying in battle, and so on.
    One of the first things Dr. Carlos Castaneda- the first Western academician to *see* was shown was that when an insufficiently disciplined BODY dies, the SOUL USUALLY DIES WITH IT.
    The physical body is PROTECTION against EXTREMELY ENERGETIC SPIRITUAL FORCES, and is gradually destroyed in the process of granting this protection. If, by that time one has not learned to withstand and use those forces, that is one’s “SECOND DEATH.”
    Which is FINAL.
    The PURPOSE of my posting is to point the the way everyone can use to ESCAPE Second Death. This purpose is opposed by ignorant and irreverent…. people who do not take into account that THEY WILL DIE unless they find out HOW to STOP it. I am the ONLY person TRYING to HELP them in that regard, and all they can do is respond with ingratitude and rudeness.
    The Mind is ALWAYS aware of its surroundings, and creates images made of Life Force called “facsimiles,” to record its perceptions. The problem is that Human CONSCIOUSNESS does not match its AWARENESS, so that the Mind is only AWARE of a MINUTE FRACTION of its AWARENESSES. Consciousness is thus definable as the PART of awareness that is Aware of BEING aware.
    1. Beliefs; 2. Thoughts; 3. Words; 4. Physical Actions;
    5. Postulates; 6. Total Understanding.
    Do you understand what I just said? Undoubtedly NOT.
    The mind is capable of CREATING, ANNIHILATING, TRANSFORMING, SYNCHRONIZING, and FORCING any object or entity, up to and including GOD- IF it has enough Life Energy to do so.
    Most do not have enough life energy to do more than string words together ,and direct their bodies like meat puppets. The mind that can actaully create physical objects is rare.
    The greatest immediate importanceof this is that an adept person could REPLACE worn-out body-parts as needed or desired, thus enabling themselves to LIVE INDEFINITELY.
    MATTHEW 9:16-17.
    16. “No man putteth a piece of new cloth
    unto an old garment,
    for that which is put in to fill it up
    taketh from the garment,
    and the rent is made worse.
    17. “Neither do men put new wine into old bottles:
    else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out,
    and the bottles perish:
    but they put new wine into new bottles,
    and both are preserved.”
    THE MIND ALWAYS ATTEMPTS to make a FACSIMILE of whatever it perceives. WHAT IF what it perceives makes it try to DRAW a CRUCIAL amount of energy from the soul to make its facsimile?
    The soul could OVERLOAD, SHEER, EXPLODE, RUPTURES- maybe ALL of those things. the IGNORANT say, “GOD! If you exist, show yourself to me- so I can compare myself to you-!”
    EXODUS 33:20.
    20. And He said,
    “Thou canst not see My Face:
    for there shall no Man see Me, and live.”
    A PERSON can kill themselves by *seeing* things they cannot withstand. When you look at ordinary fire, no matter how hot it is, your MEMORY of it does not BURN. With the DIVINE class of energies, the memories DO burn. There is nothing funny about this!
    A layman can form the same facsimiles as a professional.
    Say, a plumber, and his client can look at the same water pipe problem, where the customer has NO IDEA what is happening, and how to fix it. Just because the same FACSIMILES are in your head does NOT make you EQUAL to someone else with the same facsimiles, who is a trained and experi


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