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What is the difference between Astrology and Fortunetelling?

I need to study Astrology. Is it like Fortunetelling or it’s different?
Thank you very much!


  1. Astrology is fortune telling by stars, constellations and times. Fortune telling is a generic term for ‘reading’ somebody’s future by any means.

  2. UGH…. Astrology is a predictive science and so is Fortunetelling and usually done for commercial gain . Ugh !!! No diference ‘cept that Astrology touches more on a personal basis compared to Fortune Telling which is more generalized.

  3. It’s nothing like “fortune telling.”It is about the characteristic traits of each sign,each signs position,ect.I mean ,there’s Sun astrology and then there’s Moon astrology.Read into it,look it up on the internet.

  4. astrology base their predictions on the positions of the sun moon and planets at the time of your birth.
    fortunetelling is composed of many facets, and one of those facets is astrology.
    so astrology is a specialization field of fortunetelling.

  5. Astrology is fortune telling. Based on magical thinking and the only one that is bigoted. To be more accurate it is a form of divination. Relying on randomness, like most other fortune telling. All types fail to do better than chance.

  6. Astrology is a helping science, much as Psychology is a helping science. By calculating the positions of the planets in the signs and the sign on the horizon at the time and place you were born, Astrologers are able to interpret your basic nature and situations that are important to your character development in this life. It can reveal mental and emotional difficulties that slow your development as the best human you can be. I have never told anyone’s “fortune.” I assist people who are having problems in their life to understand what holds them back and how to overcome these issues. Not at all like fortune telling.


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