Home Discussion Forum What is the difference between ascension and enlightment and how is achieved?

What is the difference between ascension and enlightment and how is achieved?

Does ur body suffer changes after u ascend?
AND PLEASE, if u have nothing to say,say nothing I dont want answers like “like all espiritual thungs, with drugs” or I will report ya, If u are so proud of ur “critical thinking” thats not the way to show it.


  1. Ascension is described as ascending to heaven. Enlightenment is more like an epiphany. As far as bodily changes, I can’t really help you there, since I don’t believe in either one. No offense.

  2. are you speaking about a specific denomination or religious affiliation? the actual difference is enlightenment is generally something that happens to your mind, heart – you become more aware or “enlightened”. ascension is a raising up of something or other.

  3. Ask Satan I saw him pose as a angel of light once as he stood accuseing me befiore God in his sly way. Do you believe? true story. Do you want to hear the story? I havent told anyone this story yet.

  4. Just type in ascension and enlightenment and many, many sites will come up. Ascension is raising your vibrational level from 3d to 5d. Vibrating at a higher rate takes you out of this dimension and into a higher one. The earth itself is preparing for ascension. Enlightenment is spiritual growth which goes hand in hand with ascension. Higher vibrations are love and joy. Anything positive.

  5. Ascension means to arise-rise or go, up.
    Enlighten means to understand, give knowledge,spiritual insight.
    Suffer changes? No. Not is you go to Heaven. The body will go through changes-all of them good. No sickness, no need for glasses/contact lens, no being overweight, no scars, no deformities, etc. We will be perfected.
    None of the above is true in Hell.

  6. Ascension means to be lifted up, as in the way Christ was at the time of his resurrection. A spiritual enlightenment is when a person feels elated in their thoughts to understand the meaning of something with absolute clarity.
    To achieve enlightenment we have to want to know who God is. He gives us knowledge and wisdom to understand his will so we see the need to act upon it.


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