What is the difference between Animal consciousness and Human consciousness?

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is the difference between animan and man self-consciousness?

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We would perhaps never know the difference for sure, but it seems as though the animal consciousness is somewhat inferior in degree, in terms of its manifestation through ego, will, imagination and emotions over and above the basic instincts.

Yaoi Shonen-ai

Humans have long range consciousness, meaning they can retain preceptions, cogitate on them, abstract from them, then recombine the abstractions into new concepts.
This allows for sapience. Man’s latin name is Homo sapiens sapiens (Homo sapiens is long dead. We are his only living cousin in the Homo genus.)
The double use of the word means we have consciousness of our consciousness, and can build upon our knowledge, increasing the amount of sapience we contain in our minds.
Anthropologisit Loren Eiseley said the consciousness of animals left them in the “eternal present,” meaning because they cannot retain perceptions, then abstract, then recombine what they know, they are forever stuck in the same moment of time as their ancient ancestors.
Ayn Rand called it “range-of-the-moment” consciousness, meaning that whatever ability they have to be aware of what is going on about them, it lasts only for the length of that moment, and when that moment is over, they are back in Eiseley’s “eternal present.”
Chimpanzees are not only genetically closest to us, but they are closest to us in the evolutionary time scale which simply means that they are on the brink of full consciousness. They are said to have rudimentary language, and to use tools, and to do a little abstracting; but they don’t retain what they abstract then add it to other abstractions. When a chimp “invents” something or can compose a word to use as its description of a thing, and then teach that word to other chimps, it will have taken a huge evolutionary leap. It is so close to that leap that scientists want to move the chimp from its genus Pan, and put it in the genus Homo with man.


Well, it’s funny you should bring that up, as I’ve just got done reading an article about how scientists have managed to translate dog language.
After eons of ignorantly assuming their barking is but thoughtless, pointless noise they make, we have actually discovered that they ARE saying something to us…
They’re saying…
Hey Hey Hey!
Hey hey hey hey hey hey HEY !”
Hey hey hey!
(Well no one said they have a very LARGE vocabulary.)


Cognitive abstract thought and a continuity of self in the form of long term memory.


Animal conscience is a self awareness driven by the need to survive,..
Human conscience is a self awareness driven by self gratification, and survival…


There is no real difference. only differences arise from the fact that humans think we are smarter than other animals. And thats give a preception that there is a difference. also because of all the tools and the world we created we tend to rely less on instinct, while animals rely mainly on instinct to lead there lives.


From all the answers only Mike is right. You asked specifically about consciousness: that which makes a sentient being aware of its surroundings and/or of itself. Awareness is a universal principle and is not different in different beings. What others here have described is the differences in how the minds of humans and animals react to consciousness or how the minds of both manifest, in general.
Yaoi Shonen-ai is partly right, in that animals have a consciousness of an eternal present and that their awareness only lasts for the length of the moment. But humans do too. Our consciousness does not manifest in anything else other than now. People would be insane if they were to say, ‘yes I’m consciousness of now as well as yesterday and next week! In other words, my awareness manifests in multiple moments!’ It does not and cannot.
The mind may be thinking of next week or yesterday but we are certainly not conscious of them (i.e. experiencing them directly). So both animals and humans possess a consciousness of now. If what they say is true, that animals only have consciousness of now and nothing else, then they are luckier and much more spiritual than us humans, with consciousness of illusions and dreams of times that have no bearing on the now or reality.


>What is the difference between Animal consciousness and Human consciousness?
First, you should be aware that only very few animals even possess consciousness in the first place. Dogs and fish and insects, for example, are not conscious. Humans are one of the few types of animals which possess consciousness, along with (apparently) chimpanzees, elephants, at least some dolphins, and possibly a few other animals. What many higher animals (i.e. most vertebrates and at least a few invertebrates such as octopuses) possess is not consciousness but sentience, which is one level lower than consciousness. Sentience is the ability to perceive the external world and understand that it is in fact an external world, while consciousness is self-awareness, the ability to understand one’s own existence. The fact that chimpanzees, dolphins and elephants understand their own existence to some extent while most other animals do not has been demonstrated in scientific experiments.
In terms of how we possess consciousness, we may be no different from other conscious animals like chimpanzees and dolphins. On the other hand, it’s possible that there is a fundamental difference, albeit a rather small one. If there is one, it seems to me that it may be the way we perceive time: Humans are more capable of thinking in terms of the past and the future (most especially the future) than any other type of animal. We’re better at making and understanding long-term plans, and also at learning from mistakes we made in the past. However this is a rather shaky differentiation and may merely be due to our higher intelligence level.

Phoenix Quill

Just complexity.
The function of mind is to predict the future & act accordingly
We foresee our own inevitable deaths.
We remember history.
We make & improve our tools.
But ultimately we play the same game.
We must procreate before we die.


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