What is the difference between an Oracle Deck and a Tarot Deck?

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They are the same, just different pictures and more subtle meanings behind the cards.


no difference…..its all tampering with evil….which is very dangerous.


Larry Ellison is behind the Oracle one, and charges 23 thousand dollars for a deck. You can buy individual cards of the deck for 24 thousand dollars each.


They are all tarot decks, the most popular is the rider waite smith, the oracle deck has some minor differences with the picture & meaning of some cards.


one is from the devil while the other is from satan


Usually Tarot decks based on certain system, like major arcana and minor arcana, 4 suits etc. Although author may see it differently, but they are very similar.
Oracle decks don’t follow above system. Themes are very different, number of cards etc.


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