What is the difference between an Oracle and a tarot card reading?

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An oracle is a person who can see, or has insight into, the future. An oracle may do a tarot reading. However all tarots are not done by oracles. What I mean is that the tarot is a tool. You are not automatically an oracle by doing one.


i believe the ORACLE readings are from the ANGELS, DOLPHINS, FARIES and so on.. giving you a yes and no answer and what angel is with you right now. LIKE ARC ANGEL GABRIEL..
the TAROTS on the other hand gives you a better in sight of the future the past and the present.
what you should do and who is the influences of you good or bad things . describing the person nearly 90% right.
giving information of jobs and new experiences you will encounter normaly a good 100% reading from the TAROTS.


the price>$$$$$


AN Oracle will answer only one question on anything. Tarot Cards supposbly tell the future. ((I don’t believe in either one.)) ^_^


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