What is the difference between a wizard/witch and a sorcerer/sorceress?

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Dopey Dinosaur

Sorcerers are cooler and know more spells and evil stuff.


no such things as wizards, sorceress/socerer.
a witch is only a person who practices the reliogion of witchcraft and is either male or female, the term is unisex.

Black Haired Beauty

a wizard/witch has the ability to use magic which is the same with a sorceror but a socerer has a higher magic ability or level.


Nothing. Depends on what book you are reading.

Now Now

A wizard and sorcerer have wangs and wands. A witch and sorceress have just wands.

Max Tyler

In most fantasy novels (modern ones), a Wizard and a Witch are good while a Sorcerer and a Sorceress are evil. Think about it this way, a Wizard usually tries to help the hero on his quest for the good of the kingdom while a Sorcerer always tries to stop him using Magic as a mere source of power or a means to the end. Often, the Sorcerer or Sorceress does not care for human life and considers all others to be beneath him or her. As a rule, evil Sorcerers try to take over the entire world and become a tyrant. They are mercilessly cruel sometimes to the point of sadistic. But that’s all you need to know about the paradox, so I shall end this answer on that happy note. In the mean time, care to answer my question for me?
Here’s the link: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AkO5pcC87XykuvH2bZ7skSGIxQt.;_ylv=3?qid=20100826225542AAG6Aby

Dark Passenger

well, wizards use more powerful spells and they know more but they have to prepare for most of them, Sorcerers know fewer spells but they can use them at will


sorcerer–the original word meant juggler in old French
Wizard –is a word that came into being around 1450 from an Old Fresian/Old Norse root.
Witches are practitioners of Witch craft and they can be male or female.


witch – female
wizard – male


what’s a warlock then?


None. Its all in the movies


Wizard: usually a taught magic. It requires formulas, certain incantations or actions. It’s like a science
Witch: uses homeapathic magic, herbology, or magic through higher powers. It can also be hereditary.
Sorcery: an unlimited type of magic. It uses only will alone to alter the world. Can also be hereditary.
Note: this can change according to the fantasy framework you are working in.


Im wrting a book about an evil Wizard. Do you think that has a good twist. I want to show something different than th norm.


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