What is the difference between a WARLOCK and a WIZARD?

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A wizard can be a boy or girl. Warlock is a male wizard


In true life, there is neither.

Crystal clear

“Main Entry: war·lock
Pronunciation: \ˈwor-ˌläk\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English warloghe, from Old English wǣrloga one that breaks faith, the Devil, from wǣr faith, troth + -loga (from lÄ“ogan to lie); akin to Old English wǣr true – more at very, lie
Date: 14th century
1 : a man practicing the black arts : sorcerer – compare witch
2 : conjurer”
“Main Entry: 1wiz·ard
Pronunciation: \ˈwi-zərd\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English wysard, from wis, wys wise
Date: 15th century
1archaic : a wise man : sage
2: one skilled in magic : sorcerer
3: a very clever or skillful person”
Warlock has come to be known as synonomyous with “traitor” or “oath breaker”, whereas wizard is associated with a wise man or a very skilled practitioner of magic.
In my years of witchcraft, I have mostly only seen either of these terms used in fictional stories – books, movies, etc.

Goblin g

There is no such thing as a warlock. It was originally thought that a male witch was a warlock, but this is not so – males and females are both considered witches. The world warlock basically means “traitor”.
A wizard would be in reference to Harry Potter.
Have a lovely rest of the day. Happy Early Halloween.

Mickey 4 Eyes

A wizard is a powerful enchanter and invoker of spells. They are usually part of the battle hence like warriors of the magical world.
Warlocks are male witches and are mostly solitary. Their magic is nowhere as powerful as a wizards.


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