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what is the difference between a near death experience and someone being dead but brought back to life.?

my mom made the claim that the book she tried to give me was about a man that died and went to heaven but came back after 90 minutes. I figure it is a near death experience but she claims he actually died. I also figure that near death experiences are from the chemical changes in a brain that isnt getting oxygen and may or may not be dying. she thinks he actually saw heaven.


  1. a near death exp is when u almost die but dont – near death
    being dead then brought back then u did die and was brought back

  2. i think you can have a near death experience without dying (like narrowly escaping a car crash) but if you are dead and brought back to life, it is ALSO a near death experience. youre not actually dead in the end so…near death.

  3. A near death experience is where you remember what happened as you were dying or almost dying. You see the light or angels or have some out of body experience. Some people who are dead and brought back to life don’t remember anything so it’s not a near death experience even though in fact they were near death.

  4. There is a big difference. If you have a near death experience think of it like you are standing on a street and someone shoots at you and they barely miss, that’s near death experience or say a semi truck almost crashes into your car that is a near death experience. If you do get shot though they may take you to the hospital and try to revive you. There is a good chance that you will die. If your heart stops beating then you are pretty much dead, but they can still make it start beating again. In this instance you just died and came back to life. Hope this helped

  5. One is near death experience – Where you were close to being dead but you didnt die.
    The other one is been dead experience – I dont know if that happens *roll eyes* Noone can really tell what the person does or sees when he is dead. Thats why after life is such a mystery.
    To me… both are miles apart 🙂

  6. A near death experience is just that, NEAR death. You are either dead or near death. I have died twice in my life and I still consider them to be near death because I wasn’t permanently dead. My body just stopped giving signs of life. If the brain still lives, you can not possibly be fully dead. Think about those who are clinically brain dead. But something is still happening inside their bodies to keep them alive. Involuntary muscle control of the heart and others. Meaning they are not dead, just near dead.
    I think the experience one has during an episode of near death is one of euphoria, getting high on oxygen depletion. I have gone to the dentist and have had nitrous oxide treatment. I breathed so deeply I felt great. I got so high from it, I could barely differentiate the difference between reality and my brain actively hallucinating bright lights and other happy thoughts. I believe through these expeirences I have had this is what death is like. It was so similar in when I had been dead in the previous times, but brought back to life.
    Once you are dead, though, you are dead. If you come back, then it would be considered near death. Like having a near fall. You either fall or don’t. The falling is permenent and is considered a fall. But if you come close to where you need outside help to keep from falling, it would be thought of as near fall.
    Hope this helps.

  7. What happened to me according to the doctors is that when I was giving birth to my youngest daughter I started to hemorrhage. I hemorrhaged so much that I lost all of the blood in my body twice. While I was on the operating table and they were doing the C-section my heart stopped beating and they couldn’t restart it. The doctor was about to declare me dead when for no reason they can understand my heart started to beat again. What was happening to me while this was going on was I sort of had an out of body experince, I was watching the doctors and the nurses try to revive me and I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. It was like I’d forgotten what I’d come to the hospital for, I’d had six prior surgeries to this one and I seemed to forget which this one was for. The last thing that I can remember was not wanting to die even if I didn’t know why I was in the hospital I remember that I had two children at home that needed me. I don’t remember seeing heaven or any thing like that. I remember later that night having a visit from my daughter’s grandfather who kept telling me that I couldn’t die as his son could not take care of the baby by himself. I know that my doctors are and weren’t sure why I came back when they were going to pronounce me dead. They say that I’m a fighter what ever that means.

  8. The difference obviously depends upon how you define the terms. Near death, to me, means an experience close to death; and someone being dead and brought back would mean the persons died (heart stopped, breathing stopped, pronounced dead, etc.) It sounds like you want to use the words “near death” to mean that the person didn’t really die, since he/she came back to life–that is to argue with your mother. There are many, many accounts in most countries of the world of people dying for extended periods of time and then coming back to life. If you want to insist that they stay dead, where will you get your information on life after death?
    Rather than reach for a rather simplistic and definitely weak and unproven explanation, I would urge you to give a more serious look at such an important topic, for example in the book “At the hour of death, a new look at evidence for life after death.” Here: http://www.amazon.com/At-Hour-Death-Evidence-After/dp/0803893868/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1206553398&sr=8-1
    Your contention about chemical changes in the brain is mere speculation; it has not been proven. There is strong evidence against that idea, since many peoples’ descriptions of seeing dead relatives and heaven and angels occur before death and with clear and lucid minds, before death has its chance to work any chemical changes.
    Furthermore, if you want to side with present-day scientists, who in their supposed bio-chemical “sophistication” insist that all life and existence is physical (suggested above by your “chemical” objection to near death experiences), I would urge you to consider your own consciousness and sense of identity; it would be miraculous indeed if bio-chemicals and evolution managed them!

  9. I don’t know so I read the answers and now know more than I did….I just don’t want to experience either one.
    Does that make sense? Sorry, bad answer.
    Ok, I came back to change this dumb answer because if I said if I don’t know, I won’t answer it.
    From a medical point I think a near death is like when someone drowns and someone gets them breathing (intubation) again or when someone’s heart stops and they do CPR on them to get it going. They really didn’t have a chance to “die”.
    I really don’t think that someone can die and be brought back to life, the only one that could possibly do that was Jesus.
    Nice 360.


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