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What is the difference between a Empath, Psychic, and a Medium?

I thought they were all different, but today someone told me a Psychic and Medium are basically the same thing. I’m confused. :/
What would you call someone who could take one look at a person and tell them about their life. Past, present, past lives, or future and has visions. Nothing that they picked up, but I guess a gift that they were born with. Their mother had it as well. They get visions as a “warning”, if somethings going to happen in life.
Clairvoyant or Clairaudient? Well theres more to it then that.


  1. An empath claims they can feel emotions without external cues. A psychic claims they can see the future. A medium claims they can talk to spirits. Psychics often claim this as well. The only thing they all have in common is that they’re making it up, because none of them could ever prove it, given the opportunity.

  2. If any of these things were actually real I would call a person that feels other people’s emotions an empath, a person that reads other people’s minds a psychic and people that can communicate with the dead a medium.
    I think the term for what you descibe would be clairvoyant.
    However none of these things have ever proved to be possible when tested under controlled conditions. If someone claims that they can they are either trying to fool you or are fooling themselves.

  3. Kimberly,most of these people that can see and communicate with spirits are called empaths,the spirits are drawn to them,a psychic and medium are usually the same thing,just a different name,they can get pictures in their heads of what occurred in a place and who lived there and they can also pick up the emotions of the people as well.Hope this gives you some insight.
    Tomb Raider.

  4. “Psychic” is a generic term that encompasses a variety of abilities. Empath is one of those abilities. It’s also called clairsentience. It’s the ability to feel things, mostly emotions, but also the energies around them. Also can feel the presence of a spirit.
    a medium is a person who can communicate with the dead. They usuallly have one or more psychic abilties.
    someone who gets visions is clairvoyant–a seer.

  5. Tomb Raider’s definitions are a bit skewed.
    Empathy is the name given to the ability to sense the emotions of other living people. Everything in this universe is comprised of, and gives off, energy. This includes emotions, which “float about” within the energy that is you, and spread to your aura. An empath can “read” these energies, and is able to interpret them.
    ESP is a collective term for various hypothetical mental abilities. These abilities (along with other paranormal phenomena) are also referred to as psi.
    The major types of ESP are:
    Telepathy – the ability to read another person’s thoughts
    Clairvoyance – the ability to “see” events or objects happening somewhere else
    Precognition – the ability to see the future
    Retrocognition – the ability to see into the distant past
    Mediumship – the ability to channel dead spirits
    Psychometry – the ability to read information about a person or place by touching a physical object
    A closely related psi phenomenon, not technically part of ESP, is telekinesis, the ability to alter the physical world with mind power alone.

  6. Since I have so many abilities when they come to me, I have all three of these Empathy, psychic, and Medium. And in a sense these three are all basically ESP.
    Unwillingly at times, humans and spirits their personal thoughts pop in my head telepathically.
    I feel the presence of spirits, and humans if they are in the area, I can sense who it was before I seen them.
    I have felt God’s presence intervene, and He spoke to me telepathic.
    For me it happens so many ways…dreams come true, visions I have come true within minutes, or feel when sometimes is wrong, so I prepare for it just knowing what to do. I have seen spirits since age four.
    I can astral project and travel, and at times communicate with spirits or fight.
    I clairvoyance abilities.
    Some Retro-cognition the ability to see the past, memory given by my spirit guide.
    Some precognition the ability to see the future when it comes to me.
    I see spirits of all kinds good and bad.
    I have telepathic abilities.
    Spirits touch me, and I can touch them when they allow it.
    My third eye opens while asleep, when spirits come near, I see them, and feel their thoughts, or at times communicate telepathy.
    All the abilities that I have mention all fall to the ESP Extra-sensory perception.
    All my abilities became stronger when my spirit guide came to communicate with me.

  7. I don’t think there are any absolute definitions to the words you ask about because after all we are talking about the paranormal.
    I can give you my definitions
    Empathic is someone who can pick up feelings from a person & know things about their feelings that no one else can see or even imagine.
    Medium is also empathic- but can actually communicate between the earthly and the spiritual realms.
    Psychic to me is both empathic & a medium plus they have the power to reach deeper in to the spiritual realm in both sight, premissions and feelings.
    I call myself empath & occasionally Psychic but not sure if I have ever connected the earthly to the spiritual realm. I believe I have indirectly by sharing with another person something that I have sensed, seen or felt.
    I am not sure I would want to be psychic because to me that is a person who gets the deepest insight, for sight and communication with other worlds.

  8. I really hate labeling ppl. We are gifted. My gifts vary, I am empathic, I pick up the emotions of spirits, I can see then and hear them, i sense there prescense, and if I allow it, I can channel. I have the gift of discerning spirits, in other words, i recognize demons’ I can read ppl and see aura’s.I know when someone is going to die. However, i can not tell the future, read minds, although i do seem to know when I am being lied to, I don’t have prophetic dreams. I can pick up things from photos, i can draw the spirits i see as well as occasional automatic writting. so what am I? Blesed and gifted, thats it, ohterwise, perfectly normal, just a regular person.

  9. Ok… as my training goes it’s like this:
    Empath = you feel the emotions of others weather alive or deceased.
    Psychic = you are able to gain a correct conclusion without enough information
    (you know stuff that you have no logical way of knowing.)
    Medium = you are able to contact and communicate with entities such as ghosts.
    There are different levels and types of each, but the basic ones listed are not the same at all.


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