What is the difference and similarites between rebirth and reincarnation?






  1. There are no similarities.
    The re-birth Jesus talked about in John chapter 3 is when the human spirit, which died when it first sinned, is born again by the power of the Spirit of God, when the sinner admits he or she is a sinner and asks to be forgiven for their sins and receives the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
    Reincarnation is the teaching of many false religions that when a person dies, they are born back into this world as a higher or lower form of life depending on how they lived in their prior life.
    So if you lived a good life as a simple girl, you might be born into a Royal Family somewhere.
    If you lived a rotten life, you might come back as a pig.
    The Hindu religon is one of those false religions.
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  2. What it is to be born again is found in Luke 11:24-26.
    What it is to be reincarnated is found in Luke 17-31,
    John 11:1-45, and John 12:1-3, Lazarus was reincarnated as was Jesus.
    The rich man was born again as was John the Baptis.

  3. A good question, these 2 concepts are often confused due to ignorance of the substance and conceptual complexity of the Cycle of Life.
    Please forgive those above who have called such concepts “stupid”, “impossible” and concepts from “false religions” as I forgive their ignorance.
    I am a Theravada Buddhist and am familiar with these concepts.
    Rebirth occurs as a result of “ignorance” in the Unconscious Life Stream at the time of death. This does not mean “ignorance” in the normal sense, rather “ignorance” as a term meaning a Mind containing illusions and defilements as these terms are described. There are many such illusions and defilements..anger, greed and selfishness are among them. The Unconscious Life Stream is considered to be an unbroken stream of energy stretching back into the past and continues onwards into the future. It is sometimes known as the Mind.
    At the moment of death, if these are present in the Mind’s matrix as it were, then there will be Karma outstanding from that Life and possibly unresolved Karma from previous Lives. Karma, being a powerful energy acts upon the Unconscious Life Stream and a Rebirth occurs. The Theravada Tradition interprets the Suttas (teachings) as an immediate Rebirth occuring, whereas the other Traditions have it occurring some time after the onset of death.
    This new Rebirth does not occur with the same body, gender, ideas, or any characteristic that the previous person had, because these characteristics were destroyed during death. The only thing…if you could call it that, which is reborn is the Mind. To Buddhists this is an energy and is insubstantial, in other words it is not physical…nor is it spiritual…it is an energy which inhabits the new person’s body. Without this energy we are just meat on bones as it were, the difference between an alive person and a dead person is the presence of this energy.
    Reincarnation on the other hand, is a very special case of Rebirth. It is considered possible to choose Rebirth under special circumstances, whereas in normal circumstances Rebirth occurs as a process in which there is no choice or volition.
    Reincarnated persons include the Dalai Lama and his deputy the Panchen Lama and there are some others who have chosen such Rebirth into this realm.
    Reincarnated persons have the same personality and many other characteristics of a previous Life such as ideas and memory. These persons, in Buddhist tradition, have achieved what Buddhists term “enlightenment”. On achievement of such enlightenment, the Unconscious Life Stream reaches far beyong the traditional 31 worlds and realms which are part of the realm of Karma. They are beyond such things as Karma altogether.
    Because they are beyond Karma and beyond Rebirth, they can choose their own Rebirth. This is known as Reincarnation.
    I hope that I’ve helped you understand quite an esoteric subject and it has become somewhat clearer in your Mind.
    Profound Peace is extended..from a Buddhist….

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