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What is the difference amongst a wizard, sorceror, shaman, mystic, summoner, and does magic(k)? still exist?

Does it all have to do with creative intent, ability, practice, surrendering, and knowledge?
Just trying to figure some stuff out?


  1. Read some new age books. Lynn Andrews, Hose and Lenna Stevens, and Ken Carey. I think you’ll find them interesting and informative.

  2. Well, its like the difference between Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Boogeyman and the talent of Paris Hilton.
    These things simply do not exist.

  3. A wizard’s starting trait is +5 to intelligence, a sorceror has only +2, and can only cast Evil spells.
    Shamans are given Talk With the Dead skill and have only 4 sec cooldown on all other spells. Mystics are similar but can only talk to the dead during nighttime.
    Summoner’s can ressurect the spirits of heroes to do their bidding.
    Magick exists!

  4. Yes, it does have to deal with creative intence, practice, surrendering, and knowledge. However, EVERYBODY has the ability to do it.
    You’ll get a variety of answers:
    “No, it’s all in your head”
    “No, it doesn’t exist”
    “Yes, it is the work of Satan”
    “Yes, it does”
    Wizard is usually used to describe a male witch. A sorceror is seen to be a level up from a wizard/witch. A shaman is a medicineman, who takes on the role of channeler, healer, and diviner. A mystic is someone who usually works with the occult. A summoner is… well…. duh.
    Magick still exists.
    Check out the book “The Science of the Craft” by William H. Keith.
    – 16 yo Pagan

  5. i listened to sharia tv and they wedre explaining gin possession which is their word for demons or evil spirits[ surely it is obvious that all they are doung is relabelling an d that it does not change the fact that we dont know

  6. Well Shaman is kinda lame also summoners, mystic, ah you mean illusionist there lame also. Now Sorcerer are fair but I like wizards I had one that reached level 19 not bad
    If you play be the rules it takes a lot of practice, but I like the old rules.
    Of course D&D still has magic but now its called AD&D. but I like the old 3 manual version!

  7. Magic most certainly exists. Of course, there is also an explanation for magic but we don’t always know the explanation thus we attribute things we can’t explain as magic. All those you mentioned have an understanding of certain laws of nature and are able to manipulate or work with energy within the laws. The differences between those you mention are in the degree of mysticism/occultism. Occultists are scientific whereas mystics are devotees to a path.
    All the attributes you mention are at play, especially knowledge and intent.


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