What is the differencce between reincarnation and the Christian view of what occurdds after death?

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if there is a difference.

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According to scripture, death is the absence of life. The person must be resurrected in order to live again and he is resurrected (recreated) as the same person.
As I understand reincarnation, at death the person is simply reincarnated into another person or animal. In this scenario, death is simply a transfer to another life and the person never ceases to exist.
Hannah J Paul


Christians believe you only get one chance to screw up, on the other hand those who believe in reincarnation get a lot of chances to screw up!


You return to earth after reincarnation. The Christian afterlife occurs in a fiery pit or a paradise depending on what you did in life. Also the path to getting there is different. Being a good person gets you a good life the next time around in reincarnation. You have to believe Christ is the son of god to get into heaven.

Thomas L

Reincarnation is the belief that your soul is constantly changed to another being, in a different period of time. This viewpoint is held by Hindus and Buddhists, along with the ideology of karma.
The Christian worldview is that there is a ONE-off event that, at a specific moment in time (often referred to as the “end of times”) an event occurs that we are all resurrected (we don’t know exactly, only prophecies told in the bible describe it). Death is once and for all overcome.

Rudy P

The Bible states we are appointed once to die.
reincarnation is not the truth


As far as I know, reincarnation is a belief in Buddhism that the soul after death will “reincarnate” or live again in succeeding birth either in human or animal form. In Christian beliefs, a soul either goes to Heaven or to hell according to how he lived his life when he was alive.


Christianity teaches reincarnation. None other than Jesus Christ said that Elijah did return as prophesied, and lived as John the Baptist. Matthew 11. But unlike losers who excuse their laziness by saying we have 999 lives to get it right.
Christianity calls it “going to and fro”. Earthlife to the Astral and back, again and again, and again. Procrastinating, wasting time, and holding others back with our excuses and laziness.


Reincarnation is the belief that if you die you will live again either in the form of a human being, animal or plant.
For Christians who are Catholics, after death, the soul is either relegated to hell or to heaven immediately. If the soul cannot be sent to hell because when still living on earth it was not so evil but was not so good either and cannot yet be accepted in heaven, it is purged and made clean by the justice of God tempered by his mercy so that eventually it is allowed to go to heaven.
Christian Catholics believe that the soul which is spiritual and immaterial cannot assume a material body in an animal or a plant because it has great dignity being created unto the image of God. Otherwise it is a kind of demotion or degradation for a soul which is a spirit to be embodied in a non-rational being like animals and plants. If a soul finally goes to heaven, there is no point for it to go back on earth to assume another exisence. When a soul enters heaven, it will not look for any other things except to stay in the presence of God the most powerful, the most beautiful, the most knowledgeable, the most lovable, the most enjoyable of all.
Why will a soul go back to earth to assume a degraded or another very tiring existence?


Apparently you are searching for something or you are incredibly annoying….I haven’t figured out which yet.
Life after death is different than reincarnation. Reincarnation is the earthly continuation of life in a different form or same form different body. The presumption of some is that one cannot remember his/her previous life, and therefore they are different souls, they may even come back as an animal.
Life after death is the continuation of life once the mortal has been shrugged off. It does not continue on earth as another person or being. It simply continues. We remain who we were on earth, but with a perfect knowledge of all things. If we have been righteous and faithful we will get to live in god’s presence forever.
If we have committed serious sin and broken serious laws on earth then we will not be allowed into god’s presence.


Buddhism teaches that when a person dies they are reborn and that this process of death and rebirth will continue until Nirvana is attained.
Most religions believe that the core of the person, the real person, is the soul, a non-material and eternal entity that survives in the afterlife. Buddhism on the other hand says that the person is made up of thoughts, feelings and perceptions interacting with the body in a dynamic and constantly changing way. At death this stream of mental energy is re-established in a new body. Thus Buddhism is able to explain the continuity of the individual without recourse to the belief in an “eternal soul”, an idea which contradicts the universal truth of impermanence.


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