what is the differ. between magic and white magick?

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Hayden Lyfe

the intent of the magician and the result of the spell


I don’t know about magic and white magic, but the dfference between black magic and white magic is that you can practise white magic by drawing on your own energies only, whereas you need to sell a part of your soul to practise black magic. It’s not really very clearly defined.

Joey K

Bad spelling?

dj nkro

One is a lie, and the other is a holier than thou lie.


you use magick when your really into those wichcraft rituals.. i think, not sure, but i’v read some books about them.


if you are just refering to spelling than it is just depending on who is spelling it… if you are refering to white and black magic that it is more or less good and bad magic… there is a lot more to it than that but that is the sipmple answer…


To me, there isn’t a difference. Magick is everything, and everything in between. Why? Because it applies to nature. Nature is both kind and cruel. Of course, if you believe in the Three Fold Law (I do myself), you would never do a spell that causes harm to anyone or anything. Never do a spell to help a person without their permission (such as a healing spell). Also, if it’s a love spell, only do ones to attract everyone, not a specific person. Blessed Be!
To the person referring to the spelling, it’s not spelt wrong. Magic is spelt magick because some witches like to use it to show a difference between real magick and stage magic (card tricks and such).


The difference between magic and white magick differs from what you read and who it is from. The general cocensous seems to be that magic encoumpases all of the abilities of those with “supernatural powers.” While white Magick normally referes most closely to practioners of Earth Worship (ie wiccians) who use natural things from the earth (like Fruit and sticks) rather than abilities that they may posses or other darker things (rituialistic sacrifice).
I hope that helps!


Well, that’s interesting.
There’s stage magic, which is normally just called magic.
There’s focusing your energy on a desired result and letting it go in order to effect changes in the world you perceive, and this is usually called magick, when it isn’t called prayer or giving treatments.
Now, white magick is defined as a number of techniques involved in contacting and/or communing either with God (YHVH) or with whatever gods or goddesses you believe in, and yielding service to the world in the name of such deity.
In my experience however, the ones who succeed at that are mystics, and they are very quiet, and difficult to find.
Those who say they practise white magick seem to be loud, obvious, and use magick every bit as selfishly and aggressively as self-named Dark Mages (there’s nothing wrong with that, except the hypocrasy).
I hope that helps.


White magick is referred to as “true magick,” is the type of magick most wiccans and contemporary pagans choose to practice. It is magick that is positive and used mainly for the good of others. Healing, love matters, spiritual growth, beneficial transformations- these are all that harm none like the previous user answered. The opposite of course is black, which is a term most everyone is familiar with. Both are powerful but white dates back to the Russian gypsies. This is coming from a solitary of over 20 years, so I know. Bright blessings.

chris j

white magick is a term used to tell people thay you do magick but only for good puropses.
it is likely designed to counter the almost constant Black Magic accusations of the christian church.


“Magic” is neutral – it’s a tool. It’s the intent of the caster that makes it “black” or “white”.


Intention. Honestly, that’s it. I personally don’t believe there’s a difference between the two; I’m probably what most would term a “black magician”, but are the healing rituals I perform daily black magic?


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