• Yes we can. At least I can. We are moody people, and have the motherly instinct. It is difficult to forgive people who let us down and hurt us. It is our natural instinct to protect and nurture, so it depends on who and what.

  • Cancer people have very good memories, this can be a plus and a minus. They will never forget a wrong, they MAY eventually forgive, but they will never forget and will be very cautious regarding that person from then on.

  • ANYbody can. Traits one may or may not be born to lean toward, doesn’t mean they are set in stone. Forgiveness is a choice, forgetting is more difficult because that deals with memory. However to say “forget it” tends to mean “let it go” and in that case, again it’s a choice as to whether or not any individual wants to hold on to something or move beyond it.

  • actually cancers are really moody but they could have planet placements that make them never admit when they are wrong etc…you would need to look at their entire birth chart. btw my sister is a triple cancer…boy talk about bitch.

    good luck…

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