What are you doing individually to change this?
Einstein said,”We cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created the problem.”


  • It’s saying that people are greedy, but don’t want to admit this. When we have a luxury taken from us, we are very fast to notice and claim that we needed it. If you think about it, our view of material things is all in our perception. Someone who comes from a third world country to America would not see the lack that we see due to the the economic crisis. What we say we need is more often what we want. We don’t need meat, we don’t need SUV’s, we don’t need the clothes that cram our closets. All we need is food to sustain our bodies and shelter.

    Maybe the current economic crisis simply makes us aware that all of our desires cannot be met and we are angry about this.

  • Individuals cannot do any thing because big business is in control or trying to gain control of every aspect of our lives . Even the choices we used to have of what kinds of food or beverage to put into our bodies , to be safe and healthy . Now a days we have very little , safe , or healthy or affordable choices to make , most of us live in large communities where greed is more prevalent than freedom , the small farmers are put out of business by big factory farms and factory dairies . Our food has been turned into an industrialized product to make as much profit as possible by cutting down on costs of cleanliness by letting the animals live in their own waste , nutritional feeds by feeding cows grains which makes them bloat and sickness by giving massive amounts of antibiotics . The animals never get to see the sun from birth until the day they are shipped to the butcher , and never ever get to eat their natural food , grass ! tg

  • Transceding my ego… moving from greed to generosity… from narcissistic self-love to loving others as myself… from criticizing to thankfulness… from prayer for my own needs to prayer for the world’s needs… from apathy to getting involved…

  • People want institutions to provide wealth. That’s impossible, wrong source.

    I trust God.

    The Einstein quote says we can continue to learn and must.

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