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What is the cure for self-consciousness? I'm 17 & in my teens I developed a mental paranoia that I'm watched?

Basically it makes me shy and awkward and I wish I could be really out-going and charismatic and likeable and communicative like the rest. Is this possible or I simply one of the introverts as opposed to the extroverts etc? Can I get over my problems? What is the cure for self-consciousness? Basically it’s not a case of caring what others think of me, but just something I know is silly and all in the mind: that I’m being watched, and I can’t get over it.
just because you’re an old fart motherfucker
cheers. i am getting help n all 🙂


  1. if you feel someone is watching you all the time -you should talk it over with your parents or relative or someone that can recommend professional help -to help you get out of this train of thought-your self confidence and the way you mingle with others as you get more earth knowlage will become easier an easier-your only 17 don,t spend all your time projecting scenarios that mean nothing – as for people watching you –you can forget that they are too busy looking at theyselves

  2. I read that “shyness is the result of attaching too much importance to yourself or to a situation”. Think about this. I found it very enlightning and useful.
    Why would anyone want to watch you –are you really the big attraction. Are most people more interested in themselves and their life?? Good luck!!

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