What is the core belief of 'Thelema Tradition' and do you unknowingly practice it?

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In a nutshell it means do what you want.


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
Love is the Law, Law under Will.
edit: It’s not as simple as “do whatever you want”–it’s closer to “do what you what BUT be prepared to accept all the responsibility for the consequences”.

Frau Asher /JPA/ Heathen

answer: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, law under will, will under love (or close to that – from memory).
Somewhat. I don’t adhere to any set standards except: do my actions bring honor or dishonor to me and mine.

Tahuti Reincarnate

Hi, I’m a Thelemite. Openly. The Book of the Law was received in 1904, and since then the world has knowingly and unknowingly moved toward a Thelemitic worldview. Even Vatican II in the Catholic Church was highly Thelemic, unknowingly. “Do what thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law. Love is the Law, Love under Will.” To understand the primary edict of Thelema, one must understand two words extremely well. Love and Will. I won’t go deeply into it, but most people misunderstand both words. The most often mistake is to assume someone’s True Will has anything to do with what they ‘Want.’ This is inane. Your Will is much, much more than that. Also note, there are conservative Thelemites who read the Book of the Law much the same as a Right Wing Christian or Muslim would read their respective holy books, and there are liberal thelmites like me, who accept the basis of the law, and see the rest more metaphorical.
Like it or not, we are in the New Age, and Crowley did indeed predict this age somewhat well in this received book, and in his later writings. It doesn’t matter if you accept it or not, the Law is for All, and knowingly or unwittingly we are all moving to the law of this Age, and away from the slavery of the past.


Everyone is good at something, call it predilection, destiny Divide calling, but there is a place for every individual in this world. The world would work better if we all helped each other to find where we best fit, that as it currently does where we try to force people into roles than don’t suit them, but rather suit ourselves as we make USE of them.


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