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What is the connection between time and consciousness?

how intimate or distant is the relationship?


  1. It is wholly intimate as time is to everything else in reality. Concepts can include or preclude the attribute of time to them, but all concepts are processed by the brain in time. It’s not like there are parallel times passing each other. Time is constant.

  2. Whenever I look at a clock, I think, time is happening right this instant, and it will always be moving forward at any moment. When I say, “the future,” it already is the future by the time I finish saying it.

  3. Time is a human construct for ordering the rhythm of life. Human consciousness is constantly looking for relationships in order to make sense of things. Using the revolution of the Earth around the Sun is the basis for ordering life and time is the structure of that order. The dream world or Spirit world are not accessible through human consciousness and are not regulated by the human construct of time.

  4. time is a FUNCTION of the speed of our consciousness.
    For example, you try to swat a fly in midflight and 99% of the time, you can’t do it. Because the fly’s “consciousness”, such as it is, is moving SO MUCH FASTER than yours.
    Our “instant of perception” lasts one thirty-fifth of a second. That’s 1/35 second. If an image is flashed on a screen for at least that amount of time, we can register what it is. A banana, a horse, a tree, whatever. But if the image is flashed FASTER than that, all we see is a flash of light.
    While for a fly, he might have an instant of perception that is 1/35,000 of a second. We are moving IN SLOW MOTION as far as the fly is concerned. It’s EASY for him or her or it to get out of the flyswatter’s way.
    Going the other way, an instant of perception for THE SUN is EIGHTY YEARS! That is a human lifetime. Suppose the sun see’s the planets. In 80 years, the earth has gone around the sun 80 times. But this is ONE INSTANTANEOUS IMAGE to the sun. So it doesn’t see a planet. It doesn’t even see a SPIRAL. It sees the inside of a SOLID CYLINDER. It sees that in some degree for ALL the planets. The planets completely surround the sun as it is moving through space, towards the star Vega, as astronomy has indicated.
    The solar system sees itself as a living creature, in a venue VERY MUCH different than the universe we imagine.
    And the universe IS imagined. Make no mistake. There will BE no Captain James Kirk. No Star Ships, no “extra-terrestrial’s”, no UFO’S. That’s our imagination, based entirely on our perception of the universe, which is tied to a faulty and low level of consciousness.

  5. Good question, I would say very intimate since you are only aware of time when you are conscious. The only time it would be distant is when you are unconscious.

  6. The connection between time and consciousness is quite simple…it’s you. You are the connection, and however intimate or distant the relationship between time and consciousness is ultimately up to you…the connection is your life force, your essence, everything that is apart of you that you think has an important role to play in your life as you go about living it…it’s your experience, it’s your choices, its your awareness…and the level at which you lie can be as far away or as close as you wish to perceive it…the power is within you to decide how the connection is ultimately constructed and used.
    **ALSO**…umm well to put it in better and more simpler terms, the object of chocie is the connection….i would describe this object best as a vessel…or avatar haha 😉
    and it could be anything that could sustain life energy indefinately until the vessel breaksdown, such as…plants, humans, animals, machines…aliens.
    I hope this made my answer more clear. : ]

  7. time is an abstract idea and has nothing to do with consciousness, except as far as day and night is concerned, as a function of natural biorhythm.
    other than day and night, time is an abstracted measurement, made by using tools and mathematics to divide the day and night into many segments called “seconds.” Nobody can accurately measure the passage of seconds. It’s not part of human consciousness.
    Even days and nights aren’t necessarily part of consciousness. You can only know whether it’s day or night if you can observe it. People who have been lost in caves without a watch have lost all track of time. Eventually, in a situation like that, you stop even thinking about time.
    You still can order events, but that’s not the same thing as time. There’s a “before” and “after” but there’s no standardized cyclic event to compare them. You might know event A was before event B, and event B was before event C, but you’d have no concept of either of the intervals between the events as being a “longer” time.
    You’ve probably heard of people in the third world who estimate their age. They might say they think they’re 22 years old, or maybe 24. Happens all the time. Nobody bothers to count, even though it’s easy to count winters or summers. If tracking of years isn’t even part of consciousness, why would tracking of days, minutes or seconds be any different? Much easier to track years, and millions of people don’t.

  8. I see time as having two conditions, the cosmic time (age of the universe) and individual time, self-experience. The two go together. You need a large amount of time, to experience a small amount of time.

  9. It is the most intimate of relationships. Time, as a measure or span between events/objects, is entirely based on the one observing and does not have a concrete “yardstick” outside of the arbitrary lines of demarcation (seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, etc.) we have created. Sure, we recognize a “day” as being 24 hours, and this figure coincides with certain physical facts (rising / setting of the Sun, rotation of the Earth, etc.) but that could have as easily been based on another event or series of events making a “day” something totally different. As far as the perception of time, ask a 5 year old how long an hour is on the night before Christmas and then ask a man in line at the DMV how long that same hour is… get my drift? True, the hour will still in both cases be 60 minutes, but the conscious perception of those 60 minutes (remember, arbitrary and man made distinctions) will have vastly different value and “brevity / length” between the two experiencing the same 60 minutes/hour. Ask a person coming out of a 10 year coma how long they’ve been asleep (sans consciousness) and see what they say. A day, an hour, a month…
    Time needs consciousness and consciousness doesn’t need time, but consciousness conforms to time out of societal need to measure and control… pretty sad actually. Think about it please before you ‘thumbs down’. Thank you.

  10. Consciousness tells us what we have attracted in life and to perceive what else we might wish to have. Time is a gift and is necessary to act as a buffer between what we have and what we want.
    Without time, life would be total mayhem. It gives us a chance to realign our thinking to what makes most sense and likely makes human life possible. Can you imagine people dropping dead like flies all over the place due to someone else thinking that they should be dead? Time is a life jacket. Cheers!
    P.S. Ouspensky admitted his system was faulty and urged us to abandon it completely.

  11. Time is a disease. Just consciousness is great freedom, liberation. By being just conscious, sooner or later you will become God-conscious. By trusting time, sooner or later you will lose even that small consciousness that lingers behind the self like a small tail; that consciousness will also disappear.
    The deeper you go into your consciousness, the more you will find that time disappears. When consciousness has really bloomed than there is no time found. It happens simultaneously: when the consciousness disappears time disappears.
    Time is a way for the mind to exist. Mind creates future through desire, through dreaming. The future does not exist, it is only in imagination, and mind creates the past. The past also does not exist, it is only in the memory. The past is no more, the future is not yet, but both exist in the mind. And because of the past and the future you have the feeling of time, whereas consciousness is to live in the present and to live in present is to live in eternity.
    When you are utterly in the consciousness , herenow, there is neither mind nor time. Consciousness transcend time and mind both and enters into eternity. You are beyond time. You are in a totally different world — transformed, transmuted, transported.
    When you are in consciousness, all is silent, and there is no movement in the mind — you are not thinking of the past and you are not thinking of the future. Time has stopped, the world has stopped. Stopping the world is the whole art of consciousness. And to live in the present moment is to live in eternity. To taste the moment with no idea, with no mind, is to taste immortality.
    Time is mind. Time is death. Going beyond time is going beyond mind and beyond death, Whereas consciousness is life. Consciousness is blessing. Going beyond consciousness is going beyond life and moving towards enlightenment.
    God Bless


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