Home Discussion Forum What is the connection between the Swadisthana chakra and the throat chakra?

What is the connection between the Swadisthana chakra and the throat chakra?

This is why I want to know. Although I am not sexually active, I do masturbate. What I have been experiencing has never happened to me before. When I reach the point of an orgasm, most often, I get a strong desire to have something in my mouth. Not like a piece of candy, but something big, that can reach my throat.
A while ago, I found a website that claimed that these two chakras are connected. But this website was more concerned with producing an orgasm from throat stimulation.
Can anyone please help me understand this in a mature fashion?
I sincerely apologize if I selected the incorrect category.


  1. Sounds primordial . Essentially you want to intellectualize that which is just energy passing
    through you. Its just your quirky thing!

  2. It sounds like those two chakras are connected very strongly in you. When you do become sexually active you will probably find out that you will enjoy oral sex more than actual sex.

  3. You have posed a very good question.
    In my own ignorant way I will try to guess at an answer.
    Your sexual nerve center vs your throat center.
    For the Kundalini to reach the throat center it must pass through the heart center.
    The sexual center is apparently energizing the Ida and Pingala serpent energies just as it does.
    The Ajna and Sahasrara chakra located in the head region stimulate the sleeping serpents in many ways. or to say it differently – The pituitary and the pineal glands control all the other organs within the system.
    The head is the real entertainment center along with the heart.
    You would have to ask some one with a better understanding than myself why you have connected these two nerve centers together but it is an interesting adventure.
    I do like your question and will try doing a little more research on it.
    Thanks and Shanti


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