What is the connection between Buddha and Laughing Buddha?

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I know that Buddha is the one who gave up his rich life for an ascetic one after seeing the suffering around him. He is the one from Nepal and founded Buddhism. However, who is Laughing Buddha? I know that he is Chinese, but is he related to Gautama Buddha in any way? Please explain.

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Zeus v.3

Is buddah jackie chan?


The figure called Laughing Buddha is actually Budai, a Chinese folk god. In areas where Buddhism incorperates Chinese folk religion, he’s sometimes considered a bodhisattva.


Laughing Buddha is one of the celestial Buddha..see the link below..

Al Le

Gautama is from India and no i don’t think they are related


The two are related in their base of Buddhism as the word “Buddha” means the awakened one.
Some 2,500 years ago, Siddhartha Gautama, a prince of the royal Shakya Clan of Nepal, meditated under the bodhi tree (a type of fig tree) in the Indian town of Bodh Gaya (in eastern India) and attained enlightenment. “Buddha” is the title Siddhartha was known by after his enlightenment.
The image of the Laughing Buddha is based on a wandering Chinese monk, Budai (Hotei, in Japanese) who lived centuries ago and is believed to be Maitreya, or the Buddha to come. The statue’s plump figure and benign countenance suggest contentment, magnanimity and plenitude. Folklore has it that rubbing his pot belly brings good fortune and wealth.


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