Home Discussion Forum what is the connection between astrology and christianity?

what is the connection between astrology and christianity?

history channel said in the beginningof christianity there was a contest between 2 astrologers somehow connnect to the beginning of christianity


  1. First, your question is too vague.
    Secondly, astrology and Christianity are both based on exactly the same number of facts, zero.

  2. Much of the bible is based upon the Zodiac which is also the basis for our system of time itself, not some imaginary guy that never existed that merely represents the sun in the Age of Pisces.
    there’s a great movie with a lot of info about this sort of stuff on this website called “The Pharmacratic Inquisition.”
    Genesis for example is the Age of Gemini, the Twins (Adam and Eve)
    Moses is the Age of Aries the Ram… then along comes the fisher of men that fed everyone with the two fish of pisces… Jesus…
    It’s all astrology and shamanism

  3. Look up and study the Mazzeroth. The Gospel was written in the sky at the time of creation. Adam, Seth and Enoch carried the story verbally. Babylon corrupted it. Astrology became a thing of witchcraft. There is allot about the stars in the Old Testament. Even facts that wernt discovered till the last hundred years. It is an awesome study, and Biblical too.

  4. The three wise men where astrologers. The ruler at the time of Christs birth had and astrologer that he consulted. These astrologers saw in a conjunction of planets the coming of Christ. The wise men sought him out to welcome him.


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