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What is the conception of Satan according to the Kabbalah? How does Satan interact with God…more?

Are there multiple dieties in Judaism? and what is satan’s role in interfering with these deities and or their children…


  1. Their is no such thing as a fallen god named Satan. If you read the book of Enoch he speaks of 200 gods who came down to have children by earth women. They were called the brotherhood of the serpent.

  2. What is the Kabbalah? No, there is only one God in Judaism. They don’t believe in Jesus unless they converted to Christianity.
    Satan’s role is to keep people from getting saved. “Call upon the name of the Lord and you will be saved.” Romans 10:13.

  3. Satan is the opposite of God of all that is good the king of lies. That little voice in your head that tells you its ok, no one will find out.
    Think what made you ask such a question, or who?

  4. Monism probably explains the “nature” of God in that system, and explains why it’s monotheistic (so single God)
    Think that most of the supernatural entities are seen in the similar way to what the Greeks termed Daemons. The Daemons implement the Monad’s “will”, and are only separate entities to a very limited degree.Some did “good things” and others weren’t so nice, but never the less were still important needed While it’s a really bad analogy the best way I can explain it is some-kind of multiplexing, where the Monads attention/intelligence/resources are shared by all the daemons. It’s the sum, it the activities of the daemons, (and everything else, like humans, and matter) which makes the Monad.
    If Kabbalah does have a Daemon of the name/label “Satan” (or equivalent) then it’ll be there to enact the process of (failed) usurpion/claiming to be more than you are.
    I’m not 100% up on the subject(I’m a polytheistic myself) so will bow to others with more knowlege of the subject. I got the basic framework of Quabala from from a friend who’s well read on Elisabeathen esoteric magic, most of which is CLAIMED to derive from Quabilistic sources, so may only apply to that “branch”. Hope it helps a bit.

    You talking about the Grigori/Nephilim?
    Think the issue with them is as the Grigori were “fallen angels” (implicated allong with Satan). They had sined, and this sin was passed onto to their decendents.
    Leyand’s “Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches” (claimed to be Italian Foklore he picked up, but undoublably much of it, if not all, is his own creation.) recons the Grigori are “the great spirits of the stars”. Within Aradia GOTW, Lucifier is described in Gnostic Terms (ie the “bringer of light”). IF, these ideas are not entirely Leyands creation, but hark back to other/older stories, it’s not surprising that the Grigori would be seen as being “bad”, as they are part of a rival acount of creation/the fall of man, where the monotheistic diety is not nice at all, but a deciever, who keeps man from developing their full abilities, by keeping him in an illusiary world.

  5. Authentic Kabbalah texts explain that there is a force called satan that is help against you. What does that mean? When one enters spirituality, there is a force that attempts to tempt one into trying to get spiritual pleasure for their self. As far as satan goes, this is simply the egoistic force in spirituality. Every soul entering spirituality climbs each step, first by failing because of this force, then by succeeding. There is no succeeding without failing first.
    In Hebrew satan is derived from the verb listot, which means to veer because the effect of this force is to cause us to veer from the path.
    In an ideal world, not in our objectified type, there is no evil. There is no evil, there is only one single directing altruistic power, which created man, and its task is to bring man to the state of ultimate perfection. Therefore, evil exists only to reveal itself as opposite to this absolute perfection, and for nothing more than that, and only in this way. Therefore, we can’t talk about evil as something independent.
    The cause of evil is that we don’t rule over this world. In other words, the problem is that we don’t have the governance in our own hands; we don’t advance independently towards this highest level of attainment. This causes a reverse reaction from the Light. This is the manifestation of light perceived by us as a little evil. Therefore it is no use cursing some negative personalities or some forces in our world. You might just as well curse the law of gravitation when someone falls from the roof and gets injured. The same thing applies here.
    You might say that to the extent that we correct our growing egoism, we will not let it work as evil. Evil is us, our uncorrected nature, there is no other evil in the world.
    Of course there is a lot that can be said about this, I posted a link for you if you are interested in researching this further http://www.kabbalah.info/engkab/kabbalah-video-clips/kabbalah-on-good-and-evil
    This is not personal opinion, is just what authentic Kabbalah teaches. I can not say anything about Judaism though. Best wishes!


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