What is the colour of second chakra, area around the neck?

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I have read that the colour is royal blue and also sky blue?

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the second chakra is not the neck it is the lungs it, the neck throught and mouth wich i believe is the one your trying to find outr about is 5th and its color is blue.

Kristen H

Yes, it’s blue. The throat chakra is at the throat and is blue. It’s for the communication function.

curious cook

According to this source, SECOND chakra is located in the reproductive organ area, below the navel. This chakra is generally ORANGE. Its energies are most associated with primal elements, fear, aggressiveness, anger, lack of trust. It rules emotions and sensuality, sexual organs. This is your area of CREATIVITY and SEXUALITY.

Yolanda M

Chakra Five:
Sound, Creative identity, oriented to self-expression
This is the chakra located in the throat and is thus related to communication and creativity. Here we experience the world symbolically through vibration, such as the vibration of sound representing language. Blue


I think all chakras or chakra areas can be different colors in different people, and not necessarily a sign of lack of vitality or illness. Blue is typically 5th, and orange is typically 2nd according to what seems to be taught in most books about chakras. I think the area around the neck is (counting from the root), the 21st or 22nd but it’s kind of ‘2 tiered’ as in it has output and input so 23rd would be top throat chakra; more than one as associated with the throat
Also- using Kaballah system as a base (which I’m not supposed to have looked at but I did look a little at a book about it; not the actual Kaballah–feel somewhat like it was ok since I think I’ve been a man in a past life who lived to be older than 40; but still would not feel right looking at a real Kaballah)–I see the 2nd chakra as Earth/Malkuth/Gemini, being green (lungs), (existence); and 5th chakra as Netzach/Venus/Virgo/blue (ovary), (purity)


there’s a primal instinct one by our tailbone (red or orange?), a sensual one below the navel (red or orange?), one in out lower chest area (yellow-seat of the will), one in our throat area (green or blue?-communication), one (purple-third eye-psychic connection) slightly above and between our eyes, and a white crown chakra.


The chakra at the neck is #5 and it is blue. The 2nd chakra is orange and it is located at the abdomen.

Joe C

You’ve got your chakras all mixed up they don’t start at the top of the body they start at the bottom. The first chakra is the groin and the second is the abdomen but the one you’re talking about is the fifth and it’s blue second is orange.

Ohio Healer

The throat chakra (5th) is sky blue. The third eye chakra (6th) is indigo.


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