Home Discussion Forum what is the cloth called you read tarot cards on?

what is the cloth called you read tarot cards on?

I’m selling an old (1986) set of tarot cards on ebay and it has a black cloth with 10 places for cards to go. What is the name of this cloth? Anything else I should use to describe it?


  1. A diklo.
    Diklo = a Gypsy man’s neckerchief, often made of brightly-colored silk, sometimes worn as a bandana

  2. Table cloth.
    Really, there is no “special” cloth for tarot cards. It is probably something someone made as a teaching tool, and nothing more.
    Sorry. You got nothing more than a fancy table cloth.

  3. It is usually just called a tarot cloth. You should describe the style it is in (e.g. Rider-Waite). There are different traditions/styles of pictures and it would be useful to know what it is modelled after. Also, make sure that they are tarot cards and not oracle or gypsy cards. 🙂 It won’t take much research to find out the style…just check out a site that sells cards and look at some designs.

  4. It is just a cloth. I am not a real hard core tarot reader, but everything I have read about them is you can call it a tarot cloth but they do not have a specific name. Some traditions may, but just tarot itself there is no particular name for it

  5. You can call it a spread cloth.
    I am a professional psychic and always have at least 4 different decks on the go at any one time. When a deck get’s a bit too well worn I buy a new deck (often from eBay). I prefer to work with as new a deck of cards as possible so they shuffle and deal smoothly and quickly. I usually sell my old decks on eBay too. Here’s a live RSS feed for Tarot Decks on eBay at the moment. http://feeds.feedburner.com//TarotDeck


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