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What is the Christian opinion of astrology?

I am not Christian and know relatively little about the religion. What is the typical Christian opinion of astrology? Just curious.
Does the Christian God forbid the use of stars and planets for the indication of time and direction? Or is it only forbidden if you look to them for guidance rather than the bible? I’m sorry, the relationship between science and religion confuses me. Not that astrology is science, but you know..


  1. It is false hope…
    it says all people born at the same time of year have the same characteristics, and not only that, they are compatible or not compatible with all other people because at the time of year they were born. Speaks for itself.
    It’s junk for small minds.

  2. God stated that we are to stay away from that sort of thing. It is “fairy tales” and is something used to separate people from their money.

  3. In every scripture I have read in the bible, astrology is viewed on very negative. I guess it is trusting your future in the stars as opposed to God.

  4. astrology was once the Phd of its time, the sciences of the world and higher education
    todays astrology is nothing but a corruption of the whole

  5. The Bible strictly forbids it.——— There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. Deuteronomy 18:10 (An observer of times is astrology)

  6. It’s hypocritical. The three “wise men” were astrologers and they have faith and belief all over that. They claim it is witchcraft along with fortune telling, but embrace the psychedelic fantasies of fortune telling and divination in the Book of Revelation. Go figure. All Christians seem to want it all ways.

  7. It is in the Bible, the 12 Constellations. It is fact that we need a telescope to see the stars that were mentioned in the Scriptures. The problem is not complex as it is directed by God,. He said do not seek the stars for your answers as He did not make them to take His place. These can be found in the Old and the New Testaments. Want one example? My Mother, which has left this world, was into Astrology. She got so far into it that reality left her. What you experience on this earth is real, but only if it did happen. My step Dad called me… come and help your Mother.. “What is the matter Dad?” She has not slept for weeks and is delirious, speaking things that make no sense. I told him, Dad, I am coming, but take every Astrology book and junk it,, and I mean every one. My step Dad and I committed my Mom until she got some sleep. We had to have a Doctor commit her for that time.. After, she gave up the lies of the Constellations as it was a substitute for what is real.. a real Creator and God. Accepting the fact that there is a God does not make one religious,, it is denying there is that makes one show they deny science and reality. God bless. Earl

  8. the bible says we should use the stars for marking the days and seasons. back in the day people didn’t have calenders at home – but they needed a way to keep track of holidays and such – they’d keep track of important historical events by relating them to the stars, and retelling them to their kids – which evolved into different “religions” – to believe they’ll tell us the future is foolish.
    i am a christian and believe they (stars and planets) have other purposes too though – but i couldn’t tell you what.


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