What is the Chakra meditation good for?

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I bought a CD. The teacher speaks and helps you with meditation.

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aligning and balancing your body’s chakras. it is a belief that if your chakras are out of alignment then that could bring you illness, bad luck, so on and so on. so by meditating (if done right) you bring balance to your body alowing positive energy to be able to flow through you alowing balance and good will.


Each chakra represents a different areas of yourself. It’s been awhile but the root chakra is sexual or raw energy & represented by red & is near your bum opening (= Orange-family-navel, yellow-self-above orange, green-love-at heart level, blue-speaking your truth-throat, indigo-spirituality-between your eyebrows, third eye. Those were very simplistic answers but in meditating you can visualize energy from the ground filling you at your root chakra point, visualize the color of that chakra at that place on your body, and so on all the way to the top, They even turn different directions, you can visualize that too. I really should get back to this meditation! It just gets you body back in balance.


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