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What is the Buddhist opinion on Taoism?

I am a Taoist….although a bit of a smart-a**ed one tonight, and know that Buddhist follow a lot of the same teachings of Taoism, but was curious on what the overall opinion of Taoism is to Buddhist.


  1. I know a lot of Buddhists who are also Taoists. Taoism works well with Buddhism and Confucianism, as well as Shinto. So does Buddhism. It goes without saying that Siddhartha Gautama took a great deal of his message from the Tao just with a simple cursory comparative analysis.

  2. Buddhism and philosophical Daoism go well together; Buddhism and religious Daoism perhaps less so. Chan (Zen) Buddhism is traditionally believed to be a hybrid of Daoist and Buddhist teachings, and when Buddhism was first brought to China, translators used the rich philosophical vocabulary of Daoism to communicate Buddhist ideas.
    My experience has been that many religions are compatible with each other on a surface level. But delve too deeply into any of them and you begin to see irreconcilable differences and contradictions. I haven’t looked into Daoism enough to know if this is the case, but I would put money on it.


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