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what is the blue outlining around my body?

i put a dot in the middle of my mirror and looked at if for a little bit and i can see a blue outlining around my body. what makes that happen? is it my aura?


  1. That would probably be you staring into the mirror for too long in awkward lining. Probably anyone else that sat there and stared would see the same thing. Sorry dude.

  2. After staring at that dot for whatever amount of time you did stare at it, the colour of that was stuck in your optic nerve, and tricked your brain when you looked at your body into thinking that it saw that same colour outlining your body.

  3. that is your aura, and you are very lucky.. most people don’t have the right vision attributes to see their aura .. I have heard that only people with certain color blindness and complimentary aura color band combination are able to see their own aura. Is it an outline or are the bands radiating out? Try a different colored dot on the mirror to see if the effect is altered.

  4. its not your aura. when you focus on the the blue dot, your eyes adjust to it (like how they adujst to light and dark, only more subtle) when you refocus your eyes on your body, your eyes are still seeing blue-when the new object that you’re focusing on (your body, in this case) ends (in other words, the outline of your body) your eyes fill in the blanks temporarily with the blue color.

  5. the aura has seven layers and is many colors the blue line does not sound like the aura. Might be optical illusion. Stand next to a white wall and look along your arms to see the aura


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