What is the biggest difference between Christianity and Wicca?

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I’m writing a paper on the similarities and differences on Christianity and Wicca and I need to know the biggest difference between the two.

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Christianity: one God made of three.
Wicca: two main gods one each.

ed f

Christianity believes in Jesus.


I think they go to different churches?

Kristin B

Psychotic fundies.

keri gee

Christianity affirms that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.


I would say that wicca believes in nature based spirituality where as christianity believes in a set of rules that have been believed to be written by God (but really written by man) and has actually helped propel the destruction of nature…

Reverend AGGYâ„¢ R&srookie

Christianity practices angel witchcraft
wicca practices devil witchcraft


The biggest difference? Christians believe that God became a Man so that we might be cleansed of all sin and unrighteousness. Wiccans believe that because all is one with the great universal cosmos
we can aspire to be one the universal consciousness through the forces of nature. Wiccans believe there is no sin, judgment, or hell because ultimately we all judge ourselves. This is a lie and incongruent with the tenents of their own philosophy.

Ahava Yahshua-Hebrew Love Jesus

One serves God the other serve satan.


Christians: believe Jesus is a savior
Wiccans: don’t believe in the concept of salvation
Christians: believe in heaven/hell
Wiccans: usually believe in reincarnation
Christians: believe the Bible is the word of God
Wiccans: believe the Bible is the same as any other scripture– man-made
Christians: believe God is transcendant
Wiccans: believe the Higher Power is immanent
Christians: believe in Satan
Wiccans: do not believe in Satan
Christians: Believe God is a trinity, or sometimes one
Wiccans: No official doctrine on the nature of the Divine. Sometimes believe in multiple Gods, sometimes in just a single Higher Power that is all Gods and Goddess. Most focus on the feminine/masculine aspects of the Divine, so use terms God and Goddess

Karila Dawnblade

A great question I can’t help but answer!
Wicca is a nature-based faith that worships two deities, usually a God and a Goddess. Many Wiccans opt to name these based on an existing pantheon they feel drawn to, like Norse or Celtic gods. Wiccans have no bible, only the guidelines of the Wiccan Rede which states that you can do as you feel, so long as you harm no one (including yourself). Wiccans have eight holidays during the year placed on and between the Equinoxes and Solstices, celebrating the changes in the seasons. Wiccans also hold rites on Full and New moons.
I think that sums it up. Since most people know Christianity well enough I won’t ramble about that.

Lone Rose

You can read about Wiccans at Wicca 101, it’s very informational.

D Aravah - JBC

answer: Wicca – polytheistic
Christianity – monotheism (despite the trinity thing)
Wicca – no hell or eternal torment
Christianity – everyone else goes to hell for eternity
Wicca – no divine savior. There are fallen hero myths but not a divine saviors of mankind
Christianity – cannot exist without the divine savior worship
Wicca – celebration of female deities in addition to male ones
Christianity – male oriented
Wicca – no sacred text, no absolute authority
Christianity – the bible. Catholics have the Pope as authority, Mormons their prophet, etc
Wicca – doesn’t seek out converts
Christianity – everyone must become Christians

Well Glory Be!

A different thought of the afterlife. **The Summerlands + Heaven and Hell


I would say that this is an impossible task as there is no comparison between the 2. Everything about Wicca opposes the set of rules that is Christianity & there is nothing of lesser or greater significance. As human beings I would say that the wiccans will b excepting of a persons right to believe what they will whereas it goes against the Christians belief to except anything that is not apart of there religious structure. Such r the choices of man n not god or gods


Christian is monotheistic. Wicca is pantheistic.
Blessed Be )O(


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Why does it always take a Shaman, Medicine Man, Prophet, Priest, Preacher, Minister to explain God?

No matter what culture or religious affiliation, they all primitive or so-called civilized, need the services of 'holy men' to explain God. Why is that?

do you believe in crystal healing, and do you believe in physic vampires?

i read about this stuff on the internet,have you? and no i'm not buzzed.

In kabbalah, it's believed that body has nothing to do with the feeling of "I"?

I don't agree that our body has no association with our spirit, soul, mind, or I.

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