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What is the best yoga workout?

Hi, I heard from a friend that yoga is a great way to lose weight and it helps you to relax. There are so many yoga videos and I have no idea on which one to choose from. Help! Thank you.


  1. Any yoga video would be good, but if you’re just starting out then don’t forget to get a beginners video! The rest is uber hard!

  2. Yoga is very good for keeping you supple and for getting rid of stress. Some forms of yoga are quite energetic such as astanga. But if you want to lose weight the best way is a combination of aerobics and weights. I find the best aerobics workout for weight loss is running. You don’t have to go mad just jog gently a couple of times a week.

  3. I have recently started hot yoga and wow it is so amazing, sure you get hot & sweat a lot but it is a great workout. And you feel so good after look to see if there are any classes in your area


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