What is the best yoga technique to study and practice?

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I am interested in beginning a yoga practice. Which technique or school of yoga would be best & why?

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There are obviously many yoga “styles” out there. And when each one of them has its benefits and strong points, I suggest you choose your own style upon your goals. There is Hatha yoga, Bikram yoga, Kundalini yoga, Raja yoga, Karma yoga, the new athletic western style is: power yoga.
There is yoga for gentle and flexible poses and exercises, other is for hard working exercises.
I advice you to start with Hatha yoga as it’s the most well know yoga.
By the way here is a free yoga e-course with many exercises and breathing tips: http://www.yoga-health-beauty-energy.com/
All the best

breakfree ......

now yoga literally means ” union” . its ultimate aim is “self realization ‘ as given by the yoga sutras.
good mental and physical health are just its side effects.
but if thats what you are looking for , i suggest you a seek a very well accomplished master to learn from.or tai chi is another option.


Best Yoga Technique to practice Guru Siyag Siddha yoga .
Cause ::
1. It is more simple and more result oriented Yoga .
2.Free from Any disease physical, mental
3. freedom from any kind of addiction
4.Free from Any stress related to family, business, work
Just go simple method : http://the-comforter.org/How_to_Meditate.html
For more detail : http://www.the-comforter.org

Dances with Buddha

In my opinion there is no best, just as there is no best food to serve for lunch.
The descriptions of various Hatha yoga styles at following site may get you started.
Note I doubt you will find an instructor in each of these styles near you.
Unless you feel absolutley drawn to a particular style, in my opinion finding an instructor you like is more important than the individual style.
Also note I’ve never seen a list that claimed to be complete, likely because especially in US and Western hemisphere, styles are frequently being mixed and modified and given ‘new’ names.
Best wishes.


Congratulations for your interest in yoga, but be for warned that the western influence on yoga has changed it’s essence considerably. New yoga fads geared for the no pain no gain “I am the body” western exercise approach to yoga is the common rage. The appearance of power yoga and hot yoga would certainly have Patanjali himself shedding a tear. These two modern styles have their roots in hatha yoga, but cannot be labeled as classical hatha yoga. Classical hatha yoga is a science that incorporates yogasana, pranayama, shatkarma, mudra and bandha. In all respects the hot yoga and power yoga fall short. However, from the most basic standpoint they can be used as an addition to a well rounded fitness program for one who does not want to go deeper, using yogasana as a fitness tool only. Modern power yoga is not to be confused with Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Vinyasa style which is a form of Hatha yoga.
When undertaking a yoga practice the basic philosophy and history must be known. Yoga is one of six systems of Hindu philosophy (from yuj, to yoke or to join). Yoga teaches the means in which the individual spirit (jivatman) can be yoked with the Universal Spirit (Paramatma). When reviewing basic yoga philosophy it is apparant that much of western yoga practiced today resides in the shallow end of the yoga pool.
As mentioned by Dances with Buddha there is no best yoga. Yoga is designed as a vehicle of higher consciousness, and if practiced with awareness it is potent medicine. As a beginner it would be wise to study with an experienced, reputable teacher in classical yoga so that you get a basic grounding in the eight limbs. If your interest is perked you can look deeper into paths such as Jnana Yoga (knowledge), Bhakti Yoga (devotion), Karma Yoga (selfless service). Tradionally yoga was taught in a guru/disciple relationship, and the guru understood the disciple completey, therefore guiding the disciple in the most suitable path. You are your own guru and you will intuit what is best for you once you gain some experience. I hope you found this answer educational and helpful!
Hari Om Tat Sat


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