I am very interested in starting yoga, and eventually getting into pilates. Can anyone suggest either the best kind fo yoga for a plus size person to start out with, or suggest a DVD/Tape??


  • Hi, I agree Sivananda Yoga and it’s sister, Integral Yoga are both good. I have a couple videos that might help, look for Big Yoga., which is a spin off from Integral Yoga! I know I’m not supposed to advertise, but nobody else mentioned it!

  • Hi! I’ve been doing yoga or quite a while and I suggest Hatha or Sivananda, because they aren’t very tiring. But either way, they is no special yoga for larger women! Everyone is welcome =) Hope I helped! xx

  • Any beginner’s yoga should be fine because you just go into the poses as far as you are comfortable….I got involved in Iyengar Yoga (you can look it up) when I was a lot heavier, and loved it…it uses props such as belts and blocks to help you get into the poses until you gain the flexibility to do them without.

    Yoga Journals has videos and DVDs and I’ve enjoyed their instructors Patricia Walden and Rodney Yee. Here’s a link to a beginners DVD that I like http://www.yoga.com/store/product.asp?Product_ID=1573 although you can probably find it for a better price on eBay.

    I love yoga…I hope you enjoy it!

  • As a big girl myself i felt like pilates would be easier I started doing the windsor pilaties and i have already started lossing weight.

  • Hatha yoga, because it is simple enough for anyone to do. No extreme poses, no uncomfortable positions. It is ideal for people with disadvantages, i is relaxing, and it tones you up and builds your stamina.

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