What is the best yoga dvd for flexibility and toning?

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I want to be more flexible and do the splits, I would also love to have a more toned body, since I’ve been told that losing any more weight would ruin my figure. So any suggestions?

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The Rugby Player

Have a look at the following sites.
Amazon.com: Yoga Zone: Flexibility & Tone: Nick Cannon,Joseph Forester,Marques Houston,Ciara: Video
Yoga Zone – Flexibility and Stress Release DVD ~ Alan Finger (40) $12.99 … and physical benefits of yoga–increased flexibility, conditioning and toning of …
http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-Zone-Flexibility-Nick-Cannon/dp/6305661685 – 194k – Cached
2.Yoga Zone: Flexibility and Tone DVD Rental, Rent Yoga Zone: Flexibility and Tone Today at Netflix
Free, fast shipping both ways. Rent Yoga Zone: Flexibility and Tone at Netflix today. … yoga program focuses on increasing body flexibility and muscle tone through …
netflix.com/Movie/Yoga_Zone:_Flexibility_&_Tone/70022897?mqso=80012927 – 20k – Cached
3.Netflix – Workouts / Yoga DVD Rentals Online
Netflix: Rent Workouts / Yoga movies today. Starting from only $4.99/month. 90,000 titles on DVD across over 200 movie … Yoga Zone: Flexibility and Tone … flexibility and muscle tone through …
http://www.netflix.com/SubGenreList?sgid=2459&hnjr=3&idx=92 – 70k – Cached
4.Amazon.com: Yoga Zone – Flexibility and Stress Release: Alan Finger: Movies & TV
Yoga Zone – Flexibility and Tone (Beginners) DVD ~ Alan Finger (22) $12.99 … one of the best yoga workouts out there for flexibility and stress release. …


That first post is confusing!
I dont have a dvd to suggest to you, but I will suggest free online yoga classes. I love this website, the classes are 1 hr long, they offer 7 each week, and you can choose whichever you want to watch. I love them because there is a variety, the teachers are very professional, and the workouts really vary and you can focus on whatever seems to suit you.
The site is http://www.yogatoday.com
Try them all, and don’t discount any that don’t seem to work on the areas you want to work on – it all works on toning and building strength, and as you build strength in certain areas, this helps you more easily build strength in other areas as the stronger muscles support you more and lend themselves to you becoming more in tune with your body.
If you stick with it, yoga will really help you learn to listen to your body, build strength and stamina, and feel generally overall much better, calmer, and find it easier to deal with day to day life. Good luck!


people confuse yoga with stretching….
if you want to perform the splits and get a good figure then please check out the sites below. hope they help

Lauren K

their yoga belts really help me stretch deeply in certain yoga poses. look up sean corne, she is an amazing yogi who has several dvds out.


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