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What is the best ways to clear your chakras?

I need to work primarily on my heart chakra and my root chakra. I have been trying to learn to do this in others ways besides meditation. What are the benefits? How to accomplish this?


  1. I use stones…one for each Chakra. Ok, for the root chakra I use a garnet stone (deep red), for the Sacral chakra(2nd) I use a Carnelian(orange), For the Solar Plexus(3rd) I use a Citrine, for the heart chakra (4th) I use rose quartz, for the throat chakra (5th) I use a blue quartz, For the third eye (6th) I use a Lapis Lazuli, and for the crown(7th) I use amethyst. Make sure your stones are cleansed first and then place one at each corresponding chakra while you are lying down. You want to balance your chakra not clear them. Each is an energy zone in your body. It is also a good idea to have a quartz crystal for when you do this as well. You visualize each one of the energy zones spinning with their respective colors. when you can’t feel the stones anymore, you are done with that zone, and can remove the stone. I also have a pendulum that helps you to tell when each zone is balanced or not. After balancing your chakras you will have the best night sleep!!! Feel free to contact me if you want some more information. I’ll do the best I can to help. I’m not an expert, but I will do my best! 🙂

  2. IF you know about chakras, then you SHOULD know that you start from the bottom up. Clearing and cleansing each in meditation. IF you need more help, Shirley McClain has a great tape out.

  3. Look into crystal and stone healing/cleansing. Essential oils help greatly. I’m including the web site of a friend who has created chakra healing oils from organic essential oils. They are THE best on the market.
    Reiki is another Chakra healer.

  4. Core strengthening will help both chakras indeed, Complete Idiot, so I guess you aren’t yourself today.
    Running and yoga are good ways of getting the blood moving and cleaning out toxic fat deposits. Also I enjoy rose quartz and obsidian for this kind of chakra work. I sleep with stones.
    It sounds like the condition you describe is that you’re trying to overcome fear. You can work through this by taking jobs in environments that are less than ideal and working to make them better. If it is not easy, then you know it is right.
    Meditate on exercise as a method of perfecting your physical body to do spiritual work on a physical plane. Too many spiritual people seek to avoid physical labor and thereby deprive many potential co-workers who desperately need love and spirituality in their lives.
    The increase in endocrine function will aid your emotional life and give you an increased sense of overall well being… but don’t forget to be grateful.
    You can be patient, though. If you are physically exhausted, honor your body with rest. Winter is the ideal time to practice yoga. Take up new battles in early February, when spring returns.
    Be cautious about food, too much or poor quality food will exhaust the body even further, as will lack of food.
    Always consult your doctor before starting a new health regimen.
    Many Blessings,


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