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What is the best way to witness to a Wiccan?

I have a friend who is Wiccan and I’m not sure how exactly to witness. So far it seems like he has his beliefs and I have mine and that’s fine with both of us.
Any ideas?


  1. Um, leave him alone if you want to keep him as a friend. How would you feel if he tried to convert you into a Wiccan? kind of offended probably. Respect his right to have his own beliefs.

  2. If they are a friend then they probably know what your beliefs are. If they ask you to tell them about it, then you can witness to them. Otherwise don’t push.

  3. Just be yourself. If he sees something in you which he wants for his own life, then fine. If not then just leave it be.

  4. “So far it seems like he has his beliefs and I have mine and that’s fine with both of us.”
    Sound pretty good the way it is. Leave well-enough alone.

  5. You seem to have figured out your own answer.
    If he’s your friend, you won’t badger him about his religion.
    Being told to spread the good word does not mean cramming it down people’s throats. he knows you’re a Christian. I’m betting he knows he can go to you if he’s ever interested in Christianity. But if he’s happy in his faith, “witnessing” is obnoxious…and a friendship killer.

  6. I know I might be no great example of a good Christian, but I just talk about my religion honestly if the subject comes up. I believe in God, I know I’ve seen him work and I’ve tried other things so I know there’s only one true and living God that I can turn to when I need help. Other religions seem to be just a lot of empty rituals that don’t actually work.

  7. I would not say the best way, but one of many ways, for witnessing to any none believer of Jesus the Christ would be an best way

  8. answer: Leave it alone. You do NOT “witness” to him unless you want to lose your friend. Why do Christians insist on pushing? No, your “good news” is NOT good news for everyone.

  9. that’s correct. don’t try to push him to convert, you will only strain your friendship. if he wants to know about Jesus, then let him be the one to ask you.

  10. It’s a bad idea. In Wicca, proselytizing is considered rude, bordering on immoral. It would be considered highly offensive.
    I’m Wiccan, I have a lot of good Christian friends… the reason they are good friends is that they don’t try to witness to me. Sometimes we do discuss religion, sure, in a mutual exchange. But if a friend tried to witness to me, I would be disappointed in them, and if they didn’t stop, I’d probably distance myself from them as I see it as disrespectful.

    • Why would you distance yourself from someone telling you the truth? If your CPA told you that you are filing tax exemptions that will get you flagged and audited by the IRS, would you distance yourself from your accountant?
      Makes no sense. Eternal life is far too important to be butt-hurt over maybe being wrong.


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